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Ellipse is an intuitive and easy-to-use enterprise platform for flexible work planning.

We developed a complex SaaS project's MVP from scratch in six months. Rocketech specialists with digital product development skills and deep agile planning knowledge helped implement a powerful solution based on proven PM tools — Gantt charts and Kanban boards. It became its main competitive advantage.

Rocketech is a reliable partner to bring your ideas to life and provide exceptional support throughout the entire project lifecycle. As a result, we were able to realize customer idea to develop the enterprise software as a useful tool, not extra user load.
Rocketech successfully built a functional MVP, confirmed by positive feedback from initial viewers. Their Scrum-based approach and transparency resulted in a productive partnership. As true partners, they are communicative and committed to the client's long-term success.
Tristan Hoffmann
Founder, Filiko LLC
Livetag is a video streaming platform that integrates with e-commerce stores. The Rocketech team developed a cross-platform widget much cheaper than similar cutting-edge products and connected it with popular web-stores WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify and Octopus.

At first, our offer didn't fit the customer's budget and they turned to another team. However, after a while, the founder returned to us to get higher code quality, solution improvements and product scaling. We provided refactoring and improved the project existing ready-made base considering the strict deadlines.

As a cooperation result, we developed a multifunctional solution with 5 e-commerce platforms available for integration. In addition to that, 7 social media networks support online streaming and 10,000 users can connect to the stream to purchase at the same time.
In creating an application for our SaaS platform, we needed a highly-qualified team who would be able to understand and implement world-class application functionality. Rocketech provided us with a top-notch functionality development, testing, maintenance and bug fixing. Their work was incredibly good. I would like to keep our cooperation as long as possible.
Cecilia Tan
Product Owner and Marketing Manager, Livetag SG
Chin-Chin is a customizable appetizers-and-drink delivery service that became revolutionary. At an early stage, our mission was to automate order creation and delivery monitoring on a simple platform. Over the course of the work, the Rocketech team made three substantial pivots that significantly changed the original idea.

Our team helped not only timely launch the product but also improved customer's ideas to present it to stakeholders, investors and clients in the best possible way.

As a partnership result, we got an adaptive product with rich functionality. The solution's bandwidth allows customers to process more than 1,000 orders per minute and stay operational even on the busiest days. Meanwhile, we reduced expenses by ten times by integrating a ready-to-use CRM instead of writing a custom management tool.
Rocketech developed an iOS app with subscription features, a payment system and an admin panel. The app worked well and looked excellent. Rocketech impressed us with its efficient workflow and talented development and design team.
Vahe Kirakosyan
CEO, Imbiber
Babystep is a Learning Management Platform (LMS) for parents who want to implement innovative teaching methods into their kids' learning curve. The platform connects parents to learning experts and provides accessible consults all over the world. The website combines the functionality of a social media and marketplace, serving as a ground for communication, blogging and service exchange.
I would like to thank the employees of the Rocketech for the high quality of work, efficiency and timely assistance in solving urgent issues in the development and implementation of our project.
Ainar Abdrakhmanov
CEO & Founder, Babystep TV
The cooperation led to long-term collaboration with simultaneous work by several teams on various mobile applications in the field of productivity and utility tools. RPM is driven by the vision of making the application industry diversified and adaptable to evolving requirements, combining global customer needs with the preservation of a genuine customer experience and Rocketech is a trusted R&D partner for these ideas.
Rocketech developed a password manager application for a mobile product advertiser. They wrote code for the front and backend and they integrated the app with a mail service. Although the project is still preparing for launch, Rocketech collaborated extremely well with the client. The team completed all tasks and resolved any issues quickly. They were always willing to share their expertise and offered solutions to problems.
Kseniya Prilutskaya
Head of Mobile App Development, Rich Peach Media
The platform provides access to online events from a wide variety of areas in real-time Sometimes Rocketech will join an already built team and business to speed up the delivery of functionality to the market and improve development processes. Now we are simultaneously developing this project together with the Everytale team and working on a new one for a different market, but with the same founder and with the same streaming concept.
The project has just finished and the company is still gathering relevant data on the success of the project. The company's internal team does appreciate the Rocketech team's unique approach to tracking. That system allowed them to save on time and costs in comparison to other vendors. Rocketech took into account all our wishes for the choice of technologies including Flutter. Everything was great, so I just wish them to continue improve naturally.
Vladimir Sadovnikov
CTO, Everytale
BI Group is the largest investment and construction holding in Kazakhstan, with a turnover of over $1.4 billion.

The cooperation began with the Appartex product — an online service for managing rental space. BI Group team changed its developers and turned to Rocketech, after half a year of cooperation and updates, we handed over the project, after the BI Group team decided to take over Appartex for this, they turned to us first for checking and verifying intellectual property and then for improvements and changes.
We needed the support and development of the CRM system of our facilities. Rocketech provided CRM development for our company. The team quickly understood our tasks as a whole. I believe that this is a real team of professionals, quickly understands the essence of the technical task and fulfills its obligations ontime and with high quality.
Anuar Sharipov
BI, Property
Hays is an international recruiting company. The shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is represented by 251 offices in 33 countries of the world.

The company contacted us after identifying problems with the internal process of working with documents. As a result, the system was implemented that has been supporting its development for 3 years already.
Rocketech developed an IT solution that can convert resumes into the desired format. It includes an API converting module, BI statistics and export functionality. The solution successfully launched on time and the vendor continues to offer support. Rocketech's accommodating mindset helped foster a positive partnership. They are communicative, deadline-oriented workers.
Irina Siraeva
Operation Support Manager, Hays
Consultants developing various MVPs together with the founders. Rocketech is a reliable partner for further product scaling and deeper and higher quality development. We managed to work on several products in the field of sports, finance and e-commerce.
My team has an excellent experience with Rocketech team with different products, ranging from simple mobile apps to high-load fintech platforms.

For us Rocketech is a lifetime strategic partner — an international team of experienced tech engineers, designers, analytics and managers building cross-platform products using modern technological stacks (sql, nosql, java, camunda, python, etc) and high-end productivity tools (jenkins ci, docker, jira, bitbucket, hubstaff, slack, etc.).

We have lots of work-in-progress with the Rocketech team right now and many more great products and services to be done.
Alexander Nizhelsky
CEO, Leanconsult
A cloud storage service operating locally in the Moscow market. A founder contacted us in 2020 with a request to strengthen the team and help solve several development problems. The result was a general improvement and change of the project, acceleration of the test of hypotheses and at the moment there is another iterative breakthrough of the product.
While the work is ongoing, Rocketech has been responsive. The client lauds them for their ability to solve business problems. Thus, they have not just been focusing on finishing their tasks, but on providing more value to the engagement as well.

Rocketech redeveloped a self-storage firm's backend infrastructure, to make it stronger against attacks. The team transferred the internal admin panel from Python to PHP, rebuilt its logic and more.
Mikhail Semenov
IKRA Fest is an international gastronomic festival held annually in Russia. The event is organized by V Confession Agency, a leading Russian event agency, in partnership with White Rabbit Family, one of the 50 best restaurant chains in the world.

The team wanted to create a digital marketplace with a reliable website to streamline ticket sales and customer management. To organize the festival, it was necessary to prepare a platform that would automate the management and present IKRA Fest to international partners and guests. Rocketech has been developing and improving this product every year.
I would like to thank the staff of the company Rocketech for high-quality work, efficiency and timely assistance in solving urgent issues in the development and implementation of the website ikrafest.com.

Team Rocketech quickly and efficiently developed the website of the festival in Sochi, which was the main tool of the project and important for us was the professional approach of the company Rocketech to the performance of their duties.
Julia Chernova
Co-founder, V Confession Agency
The RAM Group developer, who has been professionally building various warehouse and distribution centers, industrial facilities and not only since 2011, has decided to launch a new brand and product Multicold on the Russian market. Rocketech was asked to create a professional website that became a sales tool, systematization of all information about the object and an additional competitive advantage in the market of warehouse and 3PL operators.
Rocketech developed the corporate website for a rebrand of a commercial climate control company. They worked with the client to incorporate new designs and build out the front and backend of the site. The final product delivered by Rocketech is highly professional, informative and aesthetically pleasing. Their team was accommodating and communicative throughout their work with the client, helping them to successfully A/B test all features of the new site before launch.
Alexey Mitrokhin
RAM Group
MTS Investments is a service that allows you to invest in mutual funds. Trust management services are provided by Sistema Capital, a member of AFK Sistema and MTS.

MTS needed developers to implement such a complex product, at that time it was a vendor for the Backend part of Quantumart and Rocketech for the Front-end part of applications.

At the moment, the product has the highest reliability rating A++ and 175 billion rubles under management.
Rocketech developed an iOS app for digital trading on stock and bond markets. The app has yet to launch, but Rocketech has received positive feedback for their style of work. They've fully integrated with the project team as well as the needs of a third-party client.
Andrey Soldatov
Head of Fintech Projects, Quantmart
Unfortunately, this cooperation history cannot be disclosed as it is protected by the NDA.

We would be happy to share our story of successful cooperation with the company's incredible team, if we had not signed the NDA, but we did :)
Despite working remotely, Rocketech upheld effective communication with each team member, which allowed them to be flexible in their teamwork. They could switch out different resources depending on the skill set required. Ultimately, the platform served as the company's main asset management tool. Rocketech assigned development resources to build out new features on an existing pension platform. Working with a legacy tech stack, they provided a Delphi programmer, web programmer and manual tester.
Alex Zalutskiy
Project Manager, Aviva

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