How We Built an Eye-Candy Voice Recorder for iOS


Talk Guard is an ultimate voice recording solution for iOS. It records incoming and outgoing calls and voice memos at unlimited length and quantity.

Tech stack

Backend:Node.JS, Express, MySQL, Restful API

Our role

UX/UI Design, Mobile Development, Backend

The challenge

It's not that easy to find a truly user-friendly voice recorder, although the demand for such applications is very high. The client wanted to create a simple yet comprehensive application that people could use to record interviews and other important calls. However, he was not sure how to implement such functionality in a free application, or if it was even possible.

To shape up a loose idea, we started off with a discovery sprint to find the optimal solutions for the first version of the MVP. The main development requirements were a simple UI, high recording quality, no lags, and data security.

The solution

We created a basic app that records any incoming or outgoing phone calls in a tap.
Two modes: phone call and voice recorder.
Twilio integration for hustle-free registration.
Safe data management. Call records are confidential — although the app collects some information for analytics and improvement, it is not linked to a specific user. The data submission is optional, meaning one is not required to provide it in order for the app to work.
Unlimited number of recordings and tracks' length — no need to delete previous tracks to record the new ones. The only thing that limits the calls' quantity and length is the device's storage capacity.
Easy access to recordings from a special folder. The recording is available right after the ring is off!
Basic in-app audio editor for cropping and duplicating — no need to install third-party editor apps.
Creative UI design applying 3D animation for an amazing user experience.
Integration with Zadarma VoIP project for safe call recording.
Paid subscription available for an ad-free version.
Sharing via any compatible apps, messengers, or social networks. It's also possible to upload them to cloud storage.
No quality loss. The app records each word clearly, so users won't miss anything.

Phone call recording

The phone call recording functionality is available after registration. We opted for Twilio integration to make this process easy and provide quick access to the recording.

Since iOS doesn't allow recording calls directly to the device, we integrated the app with the Zadarma internet call forwarding service. In order to record the conversation, a concurrent call is made to a third-party service number depending on the user's location.

Technically, the call is being recorded on the service's side and saved on their server as an audio file link. TalkGuard integrates this data, and the user automatically downloads the recording when they sign in to their account.

Voice recording

The app can be used not only for recording calls but also as a voice recorder. Voice recording is done in a tap, right from the main screen.

TalkGuard is equipped with a simple audio editor: the user can crop and duplicate the recording without leaving the app.

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The Rocketech team has gone from a vague idea to a store-ready app. Before the start of development, we held a discovery sprint to answer the question: is it even possible to create an app with such functionality in a few months and with a tight budget? Once we said yes to both, we identified the goals and possible difficulties. This allowed us to competently design the architecture and create the application in just 2 months at a low cost.
The end result is a free app that records and stores calls and voice memos on iOS devices.
Unlimited recordings upon registration.
The ability to record calls from/to different countries.
Talk Guard is available in 32 languages and countries with all sorts of numbers.
The product has an unlimited scalability potential — due to a flexible database, the app can be downloaded numerous times without a standby support team.
Integration with Zadarma VoIP service allowed us to cut the expenses and minimize the project's final cost.
Our developer worked in a close bond with another team, which had relevant experience in building recording functionality. Сross-team competency allowed us to build tricky recording functionality without breaking tight time and budget requirements.
The app has undergone manual testing and proved to work flawlessly.

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