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9 out of 10 products we create with our Partners succeed.

We assign a dedicated team according to the client's goals, wishes, and requirements. This model is flexible in timing and price and easily adapts to changing requirements of large, long-term projects. "Dedicated" stands for total commitment to the running project.
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What do you get with the dedicated team?

A well-knit and perfectly coordinated team
Absolute control over all development processes
Total transparency of all project and budget changes
Predictable budgets and timelines
Focus on the project
Quick hypothesis testing

How it works

While the client is fully immersed in the business processes, we take over recruiting, HR, and development. By supervising the operational side, we enable the client to run the project solely from an investment perspective.







Full Product





We help our Partners carry out the discovery phase, defining the product-market fit and forming the project requirements. Get started with business analytics, lean startup coaching and design thinking.


We create clickable product versions and help our Partners define further development, essential functionality and user design. According to the decisions made at this stage, we assign a professional team dedicated solely to your project.


Your dedicated team creates a basic yet fully functional version of the product ready for market launch. A minimum viable product helps you attract investments and gather invaluable user feedback to determine the next features.

Full Product

With the user feedback from the MVP and our business expertise, your assigned dedicated team creates a full-fledged, marketable product. Our developers follow Scrum best practices and the agreed feature plan.


We bet on long-term collaborations and guide our Partners through the entire process, including scaling already existing products. We help them find new niches and expand the product's market presence.

Team roles

Your dedicated team is a highly efficient, cross-functional, and multi-learning unit. The role combination ensures a balanced and goal-driven process.

Product Owner

The Leader responsible for maximizing the product's value. The PO forms a vision of a perfect yet realizable product and connects stakeholders and developers.

Business Analyst

The BA brings in technical expertise to find the best solutions according to the project's business requirements and manages the product with the PO.


Specialists responsible for building value for the user. Their objective is to create an Increment each Sprint. Developers organize the Sprint Backlog, adhere to a Definition of Done, and plan every step toward the Sprint Goal.

Scrum Master

The Servant Leader responsible for the Team's efficiency. The SM coaches the Team, facilitates Scrum Events, and teaches the members to work with each other according to Scrum best practices.

Scrum process

Scrum is a lightweight framework designed for efficient and transparent project management. It revolves around the agile approach to development and implies breaking the project into smaller iterations. Each iteration aims to create value for the user.

A Sprint is a fixed-length event of up to four weeks to create consistency. Sprints are short enough for the Team to keep focused and long enough to deliver a valuable increment.

Sprint Planning

We set the Sprint Goal, value, and what can be done during the upcoming iteration. We also plan the way to achieve our objectives.

Partner with a trusted tech vendor to build marketable digital products and bring your business to a new level.

Additional services

Being masters of process building, we also offer our Partners multi-domain expertise beyond the technical side of collaboration.
Business Expertise

Philosophy behind our approach

Whether short-term projects or enterprise-level development, we always rely on our six core values. Strict following our principles helps us establish profitable collaborations, build successful products, and maintain quality.
Focus on the project
Flexibility in terms and resources
Transparency and openness
Quality control
Long-term partnership
Continuous improvement

A trustworthy tech partner focused on your success

Our partnerships go beyond simple IT outsourcing. Our expert teams with hands-on experience across industries and niches help businesses create competitive, marketable digital solutions by providing a full range of services.
Our dedicated teams are always Middle+ and Senior levels.
We share our business expertise with our Partners.
We are masters of improving micro-processes.
We advise on settlements and optimal resource planning.
We create your team and deal with hiring, onboarding, and training.
We provide compliance counseling and the project's legal security.

The tech stack designed for building competitive products

We leverage our proven selection of technologies and frameworks in digital product design, frontend, backend, and mobile development to create the optimal strategy based on the client's requirements and market situation.

What people are saying about us

Rocketech successfully built a functional MVP, confirmed by positive feedback from initial viewers. Their Scrum-based approach and transparency resulted in a productive partnership. As true partners, they are communicative and committed to the client's long-term success.
Tristan Hoffmann
Founder, Filiko LLC
In creating an application for our SaaS platform, we needed a highly-qualified team who would be able to understand and implement world-class application functionality. Rocketech provided us with a top-notch functionality development, testing, maintenance and bug fixing. Their work was incredibly good. I would like to keep our cooperation as long as possible.
Cecilia Tan
Product Owner and Marketing Manager, Livetag SG
Rocketech developed an iOS app with subscription features, a payment system and an admin panel. The app worked well and looked excellent. Rocketech impressed us with its efficient workflow and talented development and design team.
Vahe Kirakosyan
CEO, Imbiber
I would like to thank the employees of the Rocketech for the high quality of work, efficiency and timely assistance in solving urgent issues in the development and implementation of our project.
Ainar Abdrakhmanov
CEO & Founder, Babystep TV
Rocketech developed a password manager application for a mobile product advertiser. They wrote code for the front and backend and they integrated the app with a mail service. Although the project is still preparing for launch, Rocketech collaborated extremely well with the client. The team completed all tasks and resolved any issues quickly. They were always willing to share their expertise and offered solutions to problems.
Kseniya Prilutskaya
Head of Mobile App Development, Rich Peach Media

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