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Who we are

Rocketech is the number 1 custom software development company in Singapore, building complex IT products with development centers located in Eastern Europe.

For over 5 years, we have been helping entrepreneurs launch startups. Together with founders, we assess their ideas, build MVPs, raise capital, grow businesses, and enter new markets. We understand what successful startups need and have translated this knowledge into a proven process of delivering and launching quality software.

We invest capital and specialists in your project and become your business partner focused on shared success.

Who we help

Tech founders

We become your partner and co-founder and provide comprehensive expertise essential for a successful startup launch. According to your unique business requirements, we form a dedicated team that follows software development best practices and applies our own know-how.

Non-tech founders

We provide tech partnership and serve as your CTO and co-founder, assigning a dedicated team to build and develop your startup. On top of that, we provide marketing expertise and help you attract investments — everything you need to bring your idea to life.

CTOs leading startup development

We form a team of experienced senior and middle-level specialists who design complex and highly scalable systems. Following the industry's best practices and using our own know-how allows us to create high-quality software and speed up the development process.

Startups validating their ideas and building MVPs

We become your partner and co-founder and provide a dedicated team handpicked for your business needs. Our professionals assess ideas, conduct market research and product discovery, create a proof of concept and go-to-market strategies, and develop fully functional MVPs.

Startups in the growth stage

We assemble a dedicated team to help you with the growth-stage objectives: quick team augmentation, performance optimization, analytics and improved engagement, usability assessment and upgrade, architectural advancement for better scalability, DevOps support, tech audit, and security enhancement.

Startups in need of an end-to-end product development partner

Taking into account your startup's industry or niche, we assemble a dedicated team that takes on the product development process under your supervision — from PoC and UX/UI design through MVP and iterative product development, testing and QA, and integrations with third-party systems to post-release support.

Explore our successful cases

The expertise in 12+ domains enables our employees to participate in various projects, gain diversified experience, evolve and never get bored.
Storyteq is a lightweight website designed and developed under budget restrictions for an innovative, dynamic video startup with the same name. The first sprint was focused on market research, while after that, we took on the full scope of design and development tasks. The website showcases the client's product and has attracted high-profile clients, including Heineken and Nike.

Our role

UX/UI Design, Illustrations, Animations, Development, Web


Funding for Storyteq platform
Everytale is a powerful instrument for creating, promoting and broadcasting remarkable virtual experiences — conferences, summits, webinars, workshops and online courses. With features like flexible settings, live broadcasts, a recommendation system, gamification elements and content promotion tools, the platform ensures seamless event organization, engagement and monetization.

Our role

UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development, DevOps, QA, Support


Funding for Everytale platform
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Hoozin is a mobile app for iOS and Android designed for quick creation and flexible management of events. With it, every user can invite people from their contact list to events, as well as accept invitations from friends.
App Store rating 5*, $4.5m pre-money valuation

Our role

Mobile & Web Development, QA, DevOps, Support
View case is a science-based player for musical therapy. Board-certified music therapists create playlists for stress relief, sleep aid and mood enhancement.
The Apps We Love 2019, The App Of The Day 2019, Grammy awards

Our role

Mobile & Web Development, UX/UI Design, Animations, Illustrations, Support
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PIX Backpack was conceptualized as an innovation for young audiences as a tech-savvy way of standing out. It's a smart cross-platform accessory, equipped by a LED-light panel. The photodiode surface is used for drawing, game display and animation and other kinds of self-expression.
The Best Ukrainian innovation of 2018 by, $150k on Kickstarter

Our role

Mobile & Web Development, UX/UI Design, Illustrations, Support
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A range of solutions to launch and grow your startup

End-to-end product development

We provide the full cycle of startup development — from PoC and UX/UI design through MVP and iterative product development, testing and QA, and integrations with third-party systems to post-release support.

Idea assessment and proof of concepts

We conduct your business idea's comprehensive analysis to evaluate its potential and create proof of concepts (PoCs) in technical, business, marketing, and financial areas.

Product discovery and MVP development

We help you identify your startup's business goal and conduct the project discovery phase to define the product vision, create user roles and flow, write a high-level backlog, carry out technical research, and develop an MVP.

Market entry assistance

We help to research the market and your potential customers, define a unique selling proposition for your product, assess technical and economic feasibility, and develop go-to-market strategy.

Product evolution

We take over the redesign or further development of your product version or MVP and assign a dedicated team that starts with code and architecture audits and proceeds with product improvement and evolution.

Managed product development

Based on your product requirements, we assemble a dedicated team to develop and deploy a scalable, portable, reliable, and secure software product ready to enter the market.

Need help to launch or grow your startup?

We'll guide you along the way and provide the necessary support. Let's discuss how we can help you unlock your full potential.

With Rocketech, you get the expertise you lack to succeed

Your partner and co-founder

We are a result-driven partner with in-depth startup expertise who successfully launched 115 projects.

Risk mitigation

Our established data-driven forecasting system helps us predict and manage risks associated with budgeting and release planning in real time.

Best-in-class quality

We rely on streamlined processes and our internal Community of Practice, which provides continuous oversight of quality and monitors the latest industry best practices.

Strong networking

We help you establish and build your own network by connecting you with ex-CEOs, niche mentors, highly specialized consultants, and investors.

Your startup's roadmap

You will get a roadmap — strategic plan that defines the goal of your project and features the main stages to achieve it.

Dedicated team

We handpick scalable on-demand dedicated teams for each project according to unique project requirements, the startup's niche, and the founders' personal preferences.

Fast time to market

Using pre-developed modules and following the Lean Startup principles, we develop fast and don't let products become irrelevant before market launch due to ever-changing conditions.

Cost-efficient approach

We follow the Lean Startup approach, conduct pre-development, utilize budgets wisely, and don't waste resources on irrelevant tasks.

We are among the top software development companies

Rocketech received the "Gold verified partner" according to the Clutch Research Methodology as the company with the highest customer trust and business sustainability rating.

In 2021, we were ranked among the top global software development companies and received the Clutch 1000 award.

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Meet Rocketech,
your reliable partner

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier.

115 launched startups

For over 5 years, we have been helping startups launch and succeed.

100% middle and senior-level developers

We collaborate exclusively with seasoned professionals.

120+ employees

Our team members are committed to our partners' success.

Research and development

We maintain our Community of Practice, engage in research and innovation, and monitor cutting-edge tech trends.

Agile methodology

We follow agile development frameworks and sponsor the Node.js project.

Extensive knowledge base

Over 120 projects' results allowed us to create a comprehensive and structured knowledge base.

The tech stack designed for building competitive products

We leverage our proven selection of technologies and frameworks in digital product design, frontend, backend, and mobile development to create the optimal strategy based on the client's requirements and market situation.

What people are saying about us

Rocketech successfully built a functional MVP, confirmed by positive feedback from initial viewers. Their Scrum-based approach and transparency resulted in a productive partnership. As true partners, they are communicative and committed to the client's long-term success.
Tristan Hoffmann
Founder, Filiko LLC
In creating an application for our SaaS platform, we needed a highly-qualified team who would be able to understand and implement world-class application functionality. Rocketech provided us with a top-notch functionality development, testing, maintenance and bug fixing. Their work was incredibly good. I would like to keep our cooperation as long as possible.
Cecilia Tan
Product Owner and Marketing Manager, Livetag SG
Rocketech developed an iOS app with subscription features, a payment system and an admin panel. The app worked well and looked excellent. Rocketech impressed us with its efficient workflow and talented development and design team.
Vahe Kirakosyan
CEO, Imbiber
I would like to thank the employees of the Rocketech for the high quality of work, efficiency and timely assistance in solving urgent issues in the development and implementation of our project.
Ainar Abdrakhmanov
CEO & Founder, Babystep TV
Rocketech developed a password manager application for a mobile product advertiser. They wrote code for the front and backend and they integrated the app with a mail service. Although the project is still preparing for launch, Rocketech collaborated extremely well with the client. The team completed all tasks and resolved any issues quickly. They were always willing to share their expertise and offered solutions to problems.
Kseniya Prilutskaya
Head of Mobile App Development, Rich Peach Media

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