How We Developed a Cross-Platform Backpack


EIT Backpack was conceptualized as an innovation for young audiences as a tech-savvy way of standing out. It's a smart cross-platform accessory, equipped by a LED-light panel. The photodiode surface is used for drawing, game display, and animation, and other kinds of self-expression.

Tech stack

React Native, Bluetooth 4.0

Our role

Mobile & Web Development, UX/UI Design, Illustrations, Support

The challenge

The company was preparing for the WebSummit, and they needed a reliable MVP for the event. PIX team already had a functioning backpack, but it was necessary to integrate the mobile application to the solution.

So, our team was tasked to combine the backpack with a practical Internet of things solution that would work under different weather conditions and withstand minimal physical damage. We assisted in connecting the physical object (the backpack) to the application.

The solution

A functional MVP for mobile applications that is connected to the LED backpack.
Enable image and video transfer via a Bluetooth 4.0 LE protocol.
An auto-save feature: whenever a user adds a new graphic document or animation, the backpack stores the information on the mobile client. A reset feature for each user action.

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PIX Backpack attracted both end-users and investors and has impressed multiple international experts. The product's functionality and the interface was highly praised by its target audience and technology professionals, which led to rapid startup growth and financial development
The team attracted worldwide investors and was considered the Best Ukrainian innovation of 2018 by
The company successfully presented the product at CES 2018 and Web Summit 2017.
PIX Backpack raised $150,000 on Kickstarter, overachieving the initial goals of $35,000.

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