Building products that drive business growth

As a progressive software development company, we use popular technologies and have more than 5 years of experience. We want to grow your business using innovative solutions and provide you with transparent and high-quality services.

Rocketech focuses on new features and tools, product business logic and constant improvement. Our clients call us "a lifetime strategic partner", which is our main aim.
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Rocketech started from a small team and developed into a trusted and reliable tech partner for enterprises and startups that knows how to scale up your business.

Alex Borisov
Co-Founder of Rocketech

We decided to focus on the industry we are experts in — development from scratch.

What is your IT background?

At first, I worked in the family business. I was constantly studying and engaged in startups. There were also some projects that we got for development.

How have you started working with Alexander Rocket?

I just found Alexander's team in some chat in the Telegram, and we began to cooperate: I recommended his team, and they did custom development, or we did different parts of the project together.

After a few months, we decided to unite and open our own company.

Why have you decided to open Rocketech in Singapore?

The company was registered in Ukraine and Russia, and then in Singapore. I studied there, so I knew the reasons and details on how to open a business in Singapore.

What is your company's core expertise?

At first, we did HR, marketing, and development for companies, and then we decided to focus on the industry we are experts in — development from scratch.

Alexander Rocket
Co-Founder of Rocketech

Our main priorities are quality, transparency, and organized internal processes.

How have you started?

Before I met Alex I had a small team of developers. Our first project was an IT startup with a cybersport focus. The project had more than 20 partners, and some of them became our clients too.

We had great results working on new projects, so I came up with an idea to launch a web studio. After a year of our first steps, I met Alex, who started running our sales and marketing.

Why Rocketech?

I was known as Alexander Rocket for a long time, so the team suggested the name Rocketech. After some paperwork we got the name in 2016.

What distinguishes Rocketech from other companies?

Our company had been working offline in the office, but in 2018 we went remote. Since then we have been building transparent processes and proving to our clients that remote work can be extremely effective.

For the last 5 years, we have had various experiences, tested different types of work, and launched startups, and helped businesses with their innovative ideas. Now we have the cases we're proud of and long-term relationships with our clients, which are very valuable.

Our main priorities are quality, transparency, and well-organized internal processes.

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