How We Helped Disrupt the Music Industry With a Science-Based Player

Description is a science-based player for musical therapy. Board-certified music therapists create playlists for stress relief, sleep aid, and mood enhancement.

Tech stack

React.js, PHP 7, Swift

Our role

Mobile & Web Development, UX/UI Design, Animations, Illustrations, Support

The challenge is a welfare application that aspires to have practical impact on users' lives. The team wanted us to help them reach out to as many users as possible and introduce them to an intuitive music library. Our cooperation process consisted of three stages.

Urgent frontend development

The initial request of company's founder was to develop a frontend for their website. It was an emergent request — front — end developers who were handling the task before suddenly left the team. Rocketech stepped in in this type of crisis, providing the company with development and design experts on a short notice.

Backend development and interface design

After our team developed front end of's website, the company requested us to create the full interface as well as improve existing backend.The first step was to expand the information on user personas and target audience, clearly segmenting potential users.We developed new prototypes according to updated UX — personas.

Our designers based the design on existing web MVP and improved company's visual style, changed the interface of web screens, and made sure the website fully showcases the capacities and advantages of the mobile app.

Additionally, we tested and updated the backend processes, managed tech debt and connected the backend code to updated frontend. At the end of the web development stage, the product was significantly expanded compared to the initial MVP.

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Mobile development

We fully created the design and functionality of's mobile app and made sure it was consistent with the web version. Our team took full responsibility for the mobile development project — team was overseeing the project and approved the final result. Technologies, tech stacks, best management practices — all essential aspects of a successful development project were fully executed by our experts.

Overview of implemented functionality is a musical therapy app where users are connected to licensed specialists who create playlists to increase productivity, creativity, wellness, help with insomnia, stress, and depression.

Making sure the website is SEO-friendly

The first version of, developed by the previous team wasn't built with search engine optimization in mind. When our team joined the project, we spotted this issue and proceeded to fix it with the help of professional SEO-experts.

SEO-optimization of the website entailed changes in functionality and interface, updates to website's backend, and user testing. Our team conducted several sprints that were focused on engine optimization — we made sure that the website complies with best practices of SEO and can deliver a long-term good performance.

Live heart rate and breath evaluation

The founder and our team wanted users to be able to see the effects that's playlists have on their well-being in real-time. We've achieved this by implementing biometric data the application perceives heart rate and records breath to evaluate if it's calm or not. Judging by this bodily characteristics, the app can offer a new selection of playlists, appropriate to the situation.

How are you feeling

Users don't always know what type of music they want. Picking what to listen to is a challenge, because there are too many directions that could be taken. We took this into account and made sure users can use pre-set templates that describe daily feelings to find suitable tracks. For instance, "I am lost", or "I am having relationship issues".

File libraries

All playlists and tracks are sorted by their purpose: Relax, Daily Routine, Meditation, Growth, Favorites, etc. Users can get custom suggestions from the application based on their favorite tracks and state. All these categories are displayed on the main page of the app — we aspired to make the navigation via tracks intuitive and immediate.

Cultivating positive habits

Already at the beginning of our cooperation with it was obvious that the founder wants the application to have practical impact on users' routine. We didn't limit ourselves only to improving their well-being with curated playlists. Additionally, users are motivated to go for a morning run, stretch, or do yoga, getting access to premium playlists.



is an average App Store score.


The app currently has 1.3k reviews on the App Store.
The application was included in the top "The Apps We Love 2019" and "The App Of The Day 2019" on the App Store.
The final app became a music sensation and received positive reviews from Forbes, Huffpost, Mashable and Grammy Awards.

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