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Everytale is a platform for creating, promoting, and broadcasting online events. It combines many useful functions for preparing events of any scale, maintaining the involvement of participants, and monetizing events. It is a convenient space for organizing and holding conferences, exhibitions, summits, webinars, workshops, and online courses.

Tech stack

Backend:Node.js, Golang, SQL (Postgres), REST API, Redis, Git, NoSQL
Frontend:React.js, JavaScript
Highload:WebSocket, WebRTC, FFmpeg, Protobuf (gRPC), Docker, GitLab CI/CD, Amazon AWS
Mobile:Android SDK, React Native

Our role

UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development, DevOps, QA, Support

The challenge

It's a third product that we are building with the same founders but with different challenges to help develop and scale the dev team right. It was a platform for creating and hosting online events for viewers worldwide. Everytale's 25-member core team had already begun development independently but needed additional resources to speed up releases. We needed to integrate with the Everytale team and help implement the MVPs and core system.
One of the most critical tasks for us was implementing broad functionality. Thus, we had to avoid the problem that often arises during the organization of events — limited tools. We had to participate in all key work processes with Everytale subject matter experts.

Project management

The cooperation format required flexibility from us. We had to connect different teams to the project at different times to get concrete results without disrupting the development process, to strengthen it, stabilize it and grow faster.
In total, eleven people participated in the project from our side, who were responsible for design, development, testing, and support at different stages of the product life cycle. The teams consisted of 6 frontend developers, one React Native developer, one Android developer, one UX/UI designer, one DevOps, and one business analyst.

Key features

Flexible settings

We ensured that the user could optimize their profile and activities through a detailed description, logo, and keywords for targeting. You can choose access (public, paid, or closed) and assign roles (moderator, presenter).


The function allows you to launch an event on a selected day in a convenient format, including together with invited experts. You can broadcast webinars, exhibitions, summits, conferences, workshops, and online courses on the platform.

Recommendation system

We implemented a smart system that selects recommendations for each user depending on their preferences and browsing history. This approach increased engagement and expanded the user base.


Both teams did a good job of creating effective ways to monetize. Organizers can benefit from their content in two ways: by selling event tickets and by monetizing past events.


We have added a range of interactive features that engage the viewer in watching the broadcast as if in an exciting game. Among such tools: research, quizzes, polls, surveys, tests, and chats. This feature has become a competitive advantage of the platform.

Detailed analytics

After the event, the presenter has access to analytical data about user experience. They include such important quantitative indicators: members, active members, engaged users, registrations, and bounces.

Ticket collection

We decided to integrate the platform with Stripe's electronic payment acceptance and processing solution. This provided event organizers with increased security, speed, and convenience in collecting tickets worldwide.

Video saving and uploading

After an online event, the host can save videos directly on the platform for future use. Additionally, it is possible to download past events in a convenient form and show viewers from all over the world.

Content promotion

This feature is based on an intelligent viewer selection algorithm. The event creator can share content where the target audience is present, attract attendees and build new business connections.

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Our vision: build a barrier-free information environment for everybody, internationally! Our mission: offer quality video communications platform bringing people to interact everywhere around the world — regardless of their origin, language barrier, or social background.

Rocketech's efforts have significantly streamlined the project's development. They've established an efficient workflow through their effective communication. They impress the client with their top-notch development processes.

Valeriy Makovetskiy
CEO, Everytale

Partners and users of the Everytale platform


I like their company's processes. They're very good!

Sergey Studenkov
CIO, Everytale


Development of an online event platform with the participation of eleven Rocketech specialists as part of the Everytale core team.
A laconic user interface thought out in terms of convenience and aesthetics.
Broad functionality for event organizers, hosts, moderators, and viewers.
LIVE broadcasts that can handle 100,000+ users simultaneously (Amazon event had 500,000+ viewers!).
A set of interactive tools to engage the audience and increase the credibility of events.
An effective monetization system that allows you to earn money by selling tickets and downloading past events.
Analytics on completed events, allowing you to conclude the activity and involvement of participants.
A smart system for selecting recommendations based on viewing data and personal preferences of the viewer.
Opportunities for advertising content exactly on those sites where the target audience is concentrated.
Increased security for collecting tickets worldwide and reliable data protection from malicious attacks.

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