How Did We Digitalize the Processes of the Grid Capital Brokerage Company?


Grid Capital is an online brokerage company providing a range of services: initial public offering (IPO), cash management and securities dealing, fixed income, and structured products. The platform includes innovative features tailored for securities trading and product management. Effective financial solutions are available to investors from around the world.

Tech stack

Frontend:React.js, Redux, TypeScript, WebSockets
Backend:TypeScript, Nest.js, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker
Mobile:MVVM + Coordinators, Swift, CoreData, WebSockets, SnapKit, Moya

Our role

UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development, QA, DevOps, Support

The challenge

The client approached Rocketech with the idea of developing a reliable and accessible platform for investors from all over the world. The founder and managing director of Grid Capital is a former investment banker, so they clearly understood what features and tools the platform should include.
The client wanted to combine the latest technology with a human touch to create a "modern Broker with a human face". It was also important for them to stand out from their competitors, one of which was Robin Hood. We were required to quickly and efficiently create a mobile and web app, completing tasks in design, functionality, backend, and integrations.

Project management

We were waiting for not the easiest but a large-scale and very interesting project with many tasks and time constraints. There were enthusiastic specialists: one business analyst, one scrum master, two back-end developers, and two developers for each iOS and Web solutions. We combined tasks into two iterations:

  • design creation and functionality implementation;
  • implementation of the backend and all necessary integrations.

Iteration 1

The designer developed a responsive layout for each screen so that the product looks attractive on different devices with different resolutions. Front-end developer turned the layout into an intuitive interface and implemented user scenarios and functionality provided by the designer.

Completed tasks:

  • immersion in a financial project to develop an ideal corporate design;
  • creation of several versions of the design until the customer was satisfied with the result;
  • turning the approved design layout into statistical and dynamic pages for different devices and resolutions;
  • writing an API for integration with the backend to connect all user actions to the platform's business logic;
  • writing unit tests to verify that each created function works correctly.

Iteration 2

Back-end developer created the basic logic and algorithms of the product, implemented the computational logic, and ensured the correct operation of the functions. At this stage, many integrations with external systems and services were performed.

Completed tasks:

  • programming the server part and designing databases for reliable information storage;
  • ensuring the correct functionality: from registration and search to the investor profile and price monitoring system;
  • performing several complex integrations related to financial transactions (including cryptocurrency);
  • setting up user roles and optimizing management through the administrative panel;
  • testing and debugging the product and its individual components, eliminating technical problems.
  • development of interaction interfaces for integration with other systems and services.

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Key features

Data security

We took care of the security of investors' data: we implemented two-factor authentication and added the ability to view all devices. Users can set data sharing permission.

Investor profile

The profile displays basic information about stocks, ETFs, options, crypto of the user. A separate section contains investment data: Total Portfolio Value, Instant Deposits, Withdrawable Cash, and Day Trades.

Flexible settings

An investor can customize the profile for themselves by specifying personal details, assets (liquid, net worth, yearly income, source of funds), and investments (goal, timeline, experience, rice tolerance, liquidity).


We implemented the ability to receive private messages, scroll through the feed of letters from different contacts (Grid, Stock companies, Announcements, Rewards), and view the history of correspondence.


User has access to the news feed, which publishes current reviews and forecasts from the world of securities based on official sources. Current topics are collected in Trending Lists.

Company statistics

The platform contains information about securities sellers: company description and key statistics (market cap, price earning ratio, dividend yield, average volume) for making informed investment decisions.


We have developed functionality for quick buying and selling of shares. The investor can choose a currency, set the number of shares to buy and the amount to invest. Order summary is displayed before completing it.

Investment visualization

The investor has access to the portfolio price (price summary of all shares) and can track the investment portfolio's value in dynamics (on the chart) and changes in their purchasing power.

Transaction history

The user can control the available amount of cash on account, view recent transaction history, and manage debit card (data visibility, blocking, pin change) and bills & direct deposit.

Transfers money

This is a valuable feature for the investor that allows you to transfer money from a bank account to their grid card and from the grid card to their bank account. The platform displays details of all completed transactions.

Stock analytics

The platform offers recommendations from analysts in the field of securities management. The user may know exactly which companies' stocks are better to buy, hold, and sell and when. For the selected stock there is a full analyst report with a lot of valuable information.

Estimated earnings

The platform displays all the necessary information about the stock, including earnings. We have fixed the display of estimated earnings for past periods for easy tracking. Besides, the actual stock earnings data is also shown.


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Alexey Sokolov
Executive Director, Grid Capital Guernsey Limited


Development of a mobile and web app for investors in six months.
Non-standard design reflects the laconic and discreet corporate identity of the company.
Simple functionality, understandable for both experienced and novice investors.
Fast registration and secure login with two-factor authentication.
Wide range of investment tools for fast and safe purchase/sale of securities.
Convenient settings for managing account data, Investor profile, and security.
Statistics for each company, thanks to which the investor can make competent investment decisions.
Visualization of investment data for easy tracking of changes in dynamics.
Recent transaction history and display dividends and orders in chronological order.
Convenient management of transfers money, debit card, deposit, and transactions for the purchase/sale of securities.
Numerous integrations guaranteeing a secure transfer of funds and purchase/sale of securities.

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