The World's First Matchmaking and Combat Sports Streaming Platform


Spartacus is the world's first matchmaking and combat sports streaming platform. It offers a wide range of opportunities for fighters, allowing them to participate in tournaments, increase their rating, and receive rewards. Fans worldwide can watch the fights. The functionality is expanding and becoming available to judges, commentators, and arena owners.


Frontend & Backend:TypeScript, Angular 2+, React.js, Nest.js, TypeORM, Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker
Mobile:Flutter, MobX
Services:Firebase, Google Geocoding API, AWS, Nimble, Swagger, Facebook API

Our role and company services

UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development, QA, DevOps, Support

The challenge

The client approached us with a unique idea: to create a platform that would give complete freedom to MMA fighters, including beginners. In the world today, about 200 million people are engaging in MMA, but due to the specifics of the market, only top-level athletes earn it on a percentage of PPV. The rest receive a salary, from which related expenses are deducted: gym, coach, sports nutrition, etc. As a result, the work of 99.9% of the world's fighters is underpaid (while they do not have a percentage of PPV), and tournaments are irregular.
We had to solve this problem by creating an online matchmaking platform where fighters from all over the world (as well as arena owners, referees, and other participants) can monetize their business. The platform had to compete with the UFS League. The client gave us all the tasks to make the idea a reality.

Project management

We started from the standard stage, the team formation. It included specialists with relevant knowledge and skills, including experience in developing and managing sports projects. One frontend developer, one backend developer, one QA tester, one scrum master, and one business analyst started working. We decided to scale Scrum due to many tasks: in the future, the team working on one backlog was divided into two teams and scaled up to 15 team members.

The workflow consisted of three iterations:

  • designing a prototype for usability evaluation and testing user scenarios;
  • implementation of a platform that combines the functions of a marketplace and a streaming service, adapting to different devices;
  • testing and bug fixing, consistent deployment, and scaling.

Iteration 1

Prototyping is an important step in creating a large-scale IT project from scratch. The prototype helped us not only visualize the client's idea but also evaluate its prospects, save time on design development, and identify problem areas at an early stage.

Completed tasks:

  • study of the value of the idea, its prospects, and possibilities, study of the concept of the future platform;
  • creation of the first sketch (visual part) and the "skeleton" of the platform (user interaction with the interface);
  • building 2 types of prototype: the first reflects the properties of the finished product, and the second, business processes for user requests;
  • formation of a working prototype, testing, and approval of the results with the client.
Android version

Iteration 2

After the client's confirmation, designers and developers got to work. Our team faced the serious task of creating a platform with comprehensive functionality adapted for everyone involved in MMA events (fighters, judges, fans, etc.).

Completed tasks:

  • prioritization of functions in terms of 6 roles: fighter, fan, referee, commentator, owner of the arena, and manager;
  • creating key features for fighters and fans and laying the groundwork for future functionality expansion;
  • introduction of a rating system for a fighter (with points awarded depending on the results of the battle);
  • integration with the streaming platform to ensure video broadcast convenience;
  • working out ways of monetization: contributions from fighters, bets, sponsorship for the duration of the streaming;
  • adapting functionality for PC users and mobile apps based on iOS and Android.

Iteration 3

We performed extensive testing and made sure that the platform works stably on all devices and platforms and meets the target audience's requirements. Our team is actively implementing new features and providing technical support.

Completed and ongoing tasks:

  • testing the platform's functionality and usability for various roles;
  • compatibility testing with various hardware platforms, operating systems, browsers, and screen extensions;
  • deploying a site on a server, publishing apps in popular Google Play and App Stores;
  • regular updating and scaling of functionality, fixing bugs.

As a result, we have developed a full-cycle platform that combines the best features of a marketplace and a streaming service. The startup has every chance to revolutionize the MMA industry with powerful functionality that has no analogs in the market.

Android version

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Key features

Six profile types

Our team has tried to make the platform publicly available. During registration, you can choose from 6 roles: fighter, fan, referee, commentator, owner of the arena, and manager. The set of tools and capabilities depends on the profile type.

Fight management

Creating a fight is one of the main functions of an MMA fighter. They can offer the time and date of the fight, choose the venue and the referee/judge, invite suitable opponents to the fight, and participate in tournaments. From the first fight, the fighter receives 20% of the PPV.

Smart search and profile viewing

We have added a convenient search for fighters, judges, promoters, and gyms. Also, you can view detailed profile info, e.g., weight category, fighting technique, sponsors or location, and a list of fights (for the gym).

Rating system

We have developed and implemented a scoring system for different roles. The fighter's rating is affected by the results of each match. The promoter's rating depends on fighters' records and ratings. The rating of the judge must guarantee the transparency of refereeing.

Arena calendar

The arena receives a personal calendar that creates 20-minute segments based on the actual available time for fights. The fighters choose the date and time of the fight, and the site provides the operator, in-ring referee, and judges to count the votes (randomly).


We have provided an essential tool for the referee, such as judge cards. The judge gives a score from 8 to 10 to each fighter at the end of each round. It is also possible to disqualify a fighter or declare a no contest.

Fan feed

We have made it possible for all fans to add athletes and events to their favorites and monitor activity at any time. Fans can also follow the fight calendar of upcoming fighters and see past results.


Our experts have done several powerful integrations, including with the streaming platform. We optimized the video streaming process and offered viewers worldwide broadcasts of fights.

Deep linking

We decided to apply a convenient concept of navigation within the app. When a user initiates a link, the platform instantly takes them to a predefined section. It provides a seamless user experience.



total funding amount


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1 sprint & 1 release
feature teams allow to make functionality in every sprint
broadcast quality which keep best quality stream with up to 100,000+ active users
Up to 5
big releases of Public Product


Everything was great so I just wish them to continue to improve naturally.

Vladimir Sadovnikov
CTO, Everytale


Development of a global platform (web and mobile) for matchmaking and streaming with the participation of 15 specialists.
Creating a concise design considering the requirements of PC users and mobile devices.
Unique features and tools for different profile types, like Featured Fighters, for fans.
Guaranteed earning opportunities even for beginner fighters (20% of PPV), which corresponds to the main idea of the client.
A well-thought-out rating system with its scoring scheme for each role: fighter, referee, promoter.
Integration with a streaming platform, giving viewers worldwide access to broadcasts.
Reliable service monetization schemes with contributions from fighters, stakes, and funding from sponsors.
A modern concept of navigation within the app, guaranteeing a seamless experience.
The product's uninterrupted operation due to comprehensive testing.
Scalable functionality and regular technical support.

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