The Way We Developed the Luanda Business Ads Website


Luanda is a business ads platform. Basically, this is a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to find each other and enter into mutually beneficial agreements. The site is designed for an audience interested in buying or selling businesses, movable and immovable property, financing, goods, and currencies.

Tech stack

Frontend:React.js, Fetch API, SCSS, Redux Toolkit, React Router, Material UI, React Hook Form
Backend:Node.js (Nest.js), PostgreSQL, AWS(S3), CI/CD, Docker
Python:Py.test, Unittest
Java:JUnit, TestNG
Ruby:Test::Unit, Shoulda
C#:xUnit, NUnit
PHP:PHPUnit, vfsStream
JavaScript:Jest, Rewire, Sinon.JS

Our role

UX/UI Design, Mobile & Web Development, QA, DevOps, Support

The challenge

A client contacted us with a request to create a marketplace for a business in Angola where it would be possible to publish ads for the sale of companies, factories, cryptocurrencies, etc. (sell/buy everything related to the business). The following categories should be present on the platform:

  • companies/business;
  • industrial facilities and lands;
  • heavy equipment and pieces of machinery;
  • conveyances;
  • funding;
  • commodities;
  • cryptocurrency and foreign exchange.

According to the product owner, the platform should be as convenient and accessible as possible. The client disclosed 3 basic features of the website: free listing creation (including advanced paid features), viewing ads by buyers without registration, and direct communication between the buyer and the seller (by phone or in a personal chat on the site).

The design should be modern and user-friendly in Africa and Angola. In addition to working on functionality and design, we needed to think over and implement platform monetization. This task proved to be particularly important as the client planned to implement a range of income sources.

Project management

Our first step was the selection of specialists with specialized skills and knowledge. A team of seven professionals took on the project with enthusiasm: 1 React.js developer, 1 Nest.js developer, 1 designer, 1 QA tester, 1 Scrum Master, 1 Business Analyst, and 1 DevOps. To properly organize the work and simplify the control of tasks, we divided the process into 3 iterations:

  • Building an MVP with an emphasis on developing a responsive design for different devices.
  • Website transformation into a functional working tool and implementation of monetization methods.
  • Testing for errors and bugs, deployment, and support.

Iteration 1

When it comes to a large-scale project, it is impossible to do without an MVP. Based on the collected data, we managed to create a responsive design that instantly adapts to different devices (PC and mobile).

Completed tasks:

  • creation of site wireframe with all structural elements and interactions, coordination of options with the customer;
  • customizing the appearance with the selection of a color scheme, graphic elements, and animations according to the business purposes of the site;
  • interface adaptation for different devices and platforms, as well as for users of Africa and Angola regions.

Iteration 2

Our team dedicated this stage to the implementation of the functionality and the development of ways to monetize. In addition to the basic functions disclosed by the client, we introduced additional features for sellers and buyers.

Completed tasks:

  • implementation of basic features: creating an account, verifying it, logging in, searching in catalogs, filtering, displaying the latest ads in all sections;
  • adding key features that should attract the attention of the first sellers and buyers: free listing, access to ads without registration, private chat;
  • creation of unique functionality for individual user groups, such as an admin panel for sellers and a smart search for buyers;
  • development of ways to monetize the marketplace: Google ads, paid ad options, selling advertising space to business owners.

Iteration 3

The final stage was testing the platform from the perspective of both the programmers and the end-user. And only after making sure that the site was stable we moved on to its deployment on the server.

Completed tasks:

  • testing the code for bugs and checking for vulnerability to various types of attacks;
  • assessment of functionality, usability, and compatibility with various browsers and devices;
  • deploying the site and providing support to quickly resolve technical issues.

As a result, our team has managed to create a multifunctional marketplace that can act as a reliable and secure platform for processing large-scale sales transactions.

Key features for sellers

Personal account of the seller

We have implemented one of the basic features for sellers — a personal account, where all the important data is collected. After a quick registration, you can log in to the system using both email and LinkedIn.

Account verification

Our team made sure that the ads placed on the site were verified. Such verification involves sending a code to a mobile phone number or seller's email.


One of the useful tools on the panel is statistics. The seller can track the main statistical indicators for both placed ads and users in this section.

Placement of ads in one click

We have focused on the speed and convenience of creating ads. Each ad contains key fields: category, title, location, description, contacts, price, and visual content (including YouTube videos). Additionally, you can choose a paid advertising option.


We have provided merchants with access to a dashboard to manage all listings and all users on the site. Through it, you can edit, promote, delete ads, and monitor activity.

Paid options

An advertiser can select paid services according to the available packages at the time of creating an ad and can buy ad space on the platform. Premium class advertising is published on the main page of the site.

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Key features for buyers

Smart search

To attract buyers, we've created a handy search feature that is the backbone of any classified site. The user can search for ads by categories, price, location, and other filters.

Quick contact with the seller

To improve the user experience, we have made it possible for buyers to contact sellers directly in one of the following ways: by phone, or by private chat on the site.


After registration, the user gets access to a useful feature: favorites. This allows you to save your favorite ads with one click and return to them at any convenient time.

Instant suggestions

The smart system quickly recognizes user queries and offers relevant results, and is also able to remember search parameters for reuse.

Quick access

The site is available to anyone interested in a bargain. The user can register in one minute or view the details of ads without registration (except for premium ads).

Relevant ads

Ads that deserve attention are published on the home page and product pages. In addition, the latest ads are displayed in different sections, making it easier to find relevant content.


Their organization and availability were impressive.

Joaquim Baptista
Director, Arfmar Holdings


Development of a business announcement site for the Angola market with the participation of 9 specialists in just 5 months.
The layout and the design related to financial markets, Africa/Angola, and adapted for PC and mobile.
Basic and advanced functionality for different user groups — sellers (businesses) and buyers.
A range of paid service packages for businesses interested in increasing the visibility of their ads.
Proven ways to monetize for a marketplace owner, including paid ads and Google Ads.
Reliable verification system when placing ads, with verification via phone number and email.
A useful option for monitoring audience activity on ads and accessing statistical indicators.
The ability for participants to communicate directly and build communications through a private chat.
System stability thanks to comprehensive testing and support.

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