How We Built a Robust Yet Intuitive Application for Creating Ringtones


BeatBit is a fully-featured and yet easy-to-use iOS application for creating ringtones. Users can import sounds from various sources, create custom ringtones, set them as notifications, add cover images, store ringtones into a library, and share with friends.


Project architecture:MVVM
Code:Swift 5.2, CoreData, AVFoundation, SPM, UIKit
Software:Xcode, Jira, SourceTree, Figma, Sketch
Repository:Git, Bitbucket, GitFlow

Our role and company services

UX/UI Design, Mobile Development

The challenge

The customer wanted to develop an application that allows users to create ringtones without spending much time.

The solution

Develop a robust, flexible, and yet utterly intuitive app to create, set, store and share custom ringtones.
Easy learning curve: Create a custom ringtone from a favorite song without spending much time on learning sophisticated sound-editing applications with a fully featured and yet easy-to-use BeatBit app.
Obtain sounds from various sources: Select favorite track from the Apple Music library, extract it from a video, or record via a voice recording functionality — quickly and easily.
Create a ringtone catalog: Go further and create a ringtone library. Edit the name, change the cover, add to favorites and own it like a pro.
Set custom ringtones via GarageBand integration: Customize the sound of the iPhone entirely. Once the ringtone is ready, set it for different contacts, alarm clocks, and other notifications using GarageBand integration.
Share your artwork: Using BeatBit, it is possible to share ringtones with friends.

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The result is a robust yet simple application that allows to create, set, save and share ringtones.
Intuitive records editor

A simple and easy-to-use records editor allows cutting a track via two scroll bars. The duration of the record shows up while editing, making the process as quick as possible.

When creating a ringtone, the user can select several ringtone duration presets — 20, 30, or 40 seconds — the value of 30 is the default one and suits perfectly for setting it via the GarageBand.

The option of 40 is also available for cases when, for example, the users want to share the ringtone with a friend.
Before time product delivery

To ensure the right product is delivered on time and budget, the Rocketech team created a preliminary scheme of the product modules and application mockup, which has been discussed with a customer.

Additionally, the developer's team researched the core records editor functionalities, which excluded risks at the development stage.

Finally, the Rocketech team created a roadmap with tasks estimated in Story points. Such an approach allowed them to finish the project even before they planned.
No back-end solution

The Rocketech team developed BeatBit without a back-end, which simplified the application usage process by excluding the registration process for a player but saved budget and time for the development.
Easy to scale

The application is easy to use and highly extendable, meaning that new features can be easily added in the future.
Unlimited ringtones library

A free version of the application allows users to create and set custom ringtones. With a paid subscription, users can also save an unlimited number of ringtones on their devices.

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