How We Developed Degrid — Image Cutting and Collage Application


Degrid is an iOS application that allows users to cut the photo into several even pieces, create collages, save them on a device, and share with friends.


Code:Swift, UIKit, RxSwift, RxCocoa, RxGesture, SwiftLint, SnapKit, Pods
Project architecture:MVVM

Our role and company services

Mobile Development, Support

The challenge

The main challenge for the Rocketech team was that the client already had a prepared user interface design and was searching for a team to create code based on it from scratch.

The solution

The Rocketech team developed a fully-featured application to split photos into even pieces and create collages right on their devices.
Split images into even pieces: Users can easily split any image into equal parts and create stunning content for posting it on social media, blogs, or simply sharing with friends and having fun. Users with a free version can split up to 3 images.
Different grid formats: Users can select the layout of the grid which suits their needs best. The available formats are 1x2, 1x3, 2x3, 3x3, and 4x3. For convenience, users can try each grid before splitting the image by a single tap.
Save and share the artwork: After users finish with their design, they can save their images in PNG format either all together or one by one. It is also possible to share their works with friends via a few taps.
Make up a stunning Instagram feed: When saving the design, the application suggests thу order in which users should post images into their Instagram to receive a desired feed appearance from the first try.
Create unique collages: Paid members can quickly create unlimited number of photo collages by choosing from up to 15 standard and 10 professionally designed templates.
Customize basic collage templates: Finally, users can pick up a basic collage template and create a unique design. For this purpose, there is a possibility to add a frame of different widths and customize its color.

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The Rocketech team held a discovery sprint during which they decided on a possibility to implement a project, estimated efforts, and carried out the respective investigations.
The unique set of features
During the investigation, the team came up with a unique set of functionalities that fit clients' designs and developed the right product from scratch.
On-budget delivery
Due to the successful operation during the discovery sprint, the application has been delivered on time and budget.
No back-end solution
The application has been implemented without the back-end part, which helped save money and time on development. Moreover, the application does not require a login, so it is easy to use.
Scalability and maintainability
Thanks to the high-quality architecture and modern tech stack, the application is scalable and easy to maintain.

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