How We Built QB — Web Application for a Competitive Stuff Storage Startup


QB is an easy-to-use and comprehensive web application for the Moscow stuff storage startup. It supports a subscription-based pricing model and contains manual and automated tools to manage business processes for both admins and end-users.

Tech stack

Frontend:React.js, Redux
Backend:PHP, MySQL

Our role

Frontend, Backend, QA, Support, DevOps

The challenge

The main challenge was that freelance developers had already halfway developed the product, so the client wanted to complete it with a highly proficient team with established working processes.

Apart from generating new functionalities and UI/UX design improvement, it required a complete redesign of its significant components — admin and personal cabinet.

The Rocketech team carried out an entire development cycle to complete the project, including design, implementation, integration, DevOps, QA, and support.

The solution

The Rocketech team developed a web application for stuff storage management that includes an easy-to-use yet robust admin and personal cabinet, automated orders processing, integrated payment options, and reporting.
Fully functional admin
The admin is connected to the personal cabinet via API and allows for editing users, carrying out orders, adding photos and barcodes of delivered goods, create the order for export or return on behalf of the user, managing payment options, making up invoices, and implementing charge.
Intuitive personal cabinet
Personal cabinet allows viewing the photos of stored goods as they are packed in a warehouse, form orders, track baggage status, specify delivery and payment details, editing personal information.
Easily create orders
To accommodate and return stuff, specify the address, delivery date, and payment details. To claim belongings, select photos of needed items, place an order, and get them back in no time.
Monitor the status of your order
View the order status of your goods if those are pending pickup, assigned courier, or already in stock.
View photos of your stuff
After delivery to the warehouse, the courier loads images of the stored goods through the admin, and the user can see a photo of their things being stored right in their cabinet.
Pay with MasterCard, Visa, or Apple Pay
Select from different payment approaches. Link a card to your account and make online payments using the most popular payment options, in particular, Apple Pay, MasterCard, and Visa. Choose bank transfer payment type or use the "free" storage option when applicable.
Reporting automation
Use automation of reporting to quickly build reports based on SQL queries and monitor such parameters as total and new revenue, paying users, debt management, order and invoice statistics.
Charging automation
Recurrently charge customers without any manual work required.
Multiple ways to leave valuables for storing
Request callback, contact via instant messenger, or register on a website by following a few steps.
Simple cost calculation
Request cost calculation by using dedicated Telegram and Watsapp chatbots.

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the time required to create an order


the extent to which the time needed for an order has been reduced


overall amount of boxes available for storing

High Loading Speed

We managed to optimize webpage loading speed and fit functionality into lightweight web pages.


The time for application deployment.


The loading speed of admin.


The loading speed of the landing page.


The loading speed of the frontend application.


The communication is great. Everyone from the team behaved like internal employees, ready to dive in and solve the business problems, not just closing the tasks. Their process' speed, cost-effectiveness, and communication skills have all been at the highest level.

Mikhail Semenov


Complete redesign
The Rocketech team successfully performed a complete redesign of the admin and personal cabinet architecture and created a fully automated admin instead of the legacy one used.
UX/UI enhancements
The team enhanced the UI and UX of the product for mobile and desktop versions.
Improved flows and new controls
Improved existing order and charging flow and added a set of new controls for the admin and personal cabinet.
Scale readiness
To ensure that QB is highly scalable, the Rocketech team implemented continuous integration and continuous development via Jenkins, Git, Docker, and AWS.
Integration with third-party systems
Finally, to make the product robust and fully ready for the competitive market, the Rocketech team integrated third-party systems — Sortly, Integromat, and CloudPayments.

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