How We Built an iOS Speedtest App With One-Button Control and Sleek 3D Animation


Test&Connect is an Internet speed checker app for iOS devices. It diagnoses Wi-Fi network setup and Internet connectivity, analyzes the upload/download speed and other parameters, and shows whether the speed is sufficient for the user's tasks.

Tech stack

Swift 5, Xcode 11.3.1, iOS SDK

Our role

UI/UX Design, Backend, Mobile Development, Web Frontend

The challenge

Our task was to create a stylish yet straightforward app that would quickly examine the Internet connection on iOS devices. Test&Connect was supposed to tell what audio/video streaming quality is suitable for the user, how long it would take to download/upload a certain file, and show if the internet provider delivers its marketing promises.

While in development, it turned out that some of the originally planned functionality clutters the app's interface and stretches the deadline. For this reason, we decided to turn down some of the features, such as the Wi-Fi detector and Wi-Fi signal meter. Instead, we focused on the essentials that wouldn't distract from the app's main task — speed testing.

Visual Representation of Application Structure

The solution

Rocketech devs and designers worked together to craft a minimalistic interface for daily speed testing tasks.

Creative UI design applying 3D animation for awesome user experience. Authentic design with bright colors and organic shapes.

Integration with SpeedOf.Me API for the expert-level testing. This technology relies on browser core technologies and gives a higher level of accuracy than other speed tests.

Network diagnostic functionality: the app can test the network's properties, DNS status, Internet and server connection.

Real-time graph showing the connection performance. We used a 5-grade color scheme to visually represent the quality of connection: from excellent (5) to unstable (1).

History section with full reports on each test ran over the last month. The ability to share test results via messengers and email.

The ability to share test results via messengers and email.

In-built calculator to estimate the upload/download time.

In-app purchase functionality (Adblocker).

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Rochetech developed the design and the app for us. Separately, I'll note the design, we were delighted!

The project was launched successfully in the App Store and is currently getting positive reviews from end users. The team was open and transparent in letting the company view the status of each of the tasks of the project, as they independently applied solutions to issues that arose.

Daria Vorobeva
Project Manager, Rich Peach Media


We conducted tests to make sure the app works well at various mobile network data transmission rates and in Wi-Fi networks.
The end product is a native iOS app that measures upload/download speed, ping, jitter, and loss in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, and Wi-Fi connection types.
Our team guided the project from concept to MVP in a span of 2.5 months.
One-tap test mechanics allows using the app with no manual or tutorials.
Tangible interface due to 3D graphics.
Prompt speed testing — 30 seconds tops.
Test&Connect was successfully released in the App Store and currently has a 4.8 rating.
The app was successfully launched in 32 countries.

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