Optimizing Recruitment with Hays: CV Formatting Redefined


Hays, the world's leading recruitment experts, approached Rocketech with a challenge. They were facing significant operational issues related to CV formatting. The company had a large team of recruiters, each spending a substantial amount of time manually converting resumes into a standardized format. Rocketech was tasked with creating a custom IT solution to streamline this process and optimize the company's internal workflow.

Tech stack

Backend:Node.js, Express.js, Passport.js
Frontend:React, Grunt/Gulp
Database:MongoDB, Mongoose

Our role

Project Management, Full Stack Development, Design, DevOps, QA, Support

The challenge

  • Hays had 200+ of recruiters, all needing a single solution to optimize their operations efficiently.
  • The project involved creating an internal tool, including server setup and compliance checks.
  • Integration with external platforms like the target area's largest employment-focused platform and LinkedIn was essential.
  • The goal was to reduce the time spent on resume formatting from hours to just a few clicks or a minute.

Project management

We broke the project down into multiple iterations, each addressing specific aspects of the challenge. Rocketech handled environment setup, server configuration, and compliance checks to ensure a smooth deployment.

Project iterations:

  1. Prototype development to test the solution's feasibility.
  2. Integration with LinkedIn, HeadHunter, and Word and doc. files convertor.
  3. Data uploading from various sources.
  4. Data storage and structuring.
  5. Tables and user segmentation.
  6. Personal data storage and protection.
  7. Linking data to key performance indicators (KPIs) for a bonus system.


One of the first technical hurdles we encountered was integrating with the target area's largest job-seeking platform. Hays was initially hesitant to invest in a costly license. But Rocketech found a solution by reformatting the HTML code on the page.

We also transitioned from a fixed-price model to a dedicated team to create a more adaptable and efficient system.


The solution is a powerful tool that automates CV formatting. Recruiters could simply input a link to a candidate's profile, customize the CV format, and the tool would generate a PDF with the desired layout. The instrument also stored data efficiently, creating a foundation for future expansions.

The main features that are not protected by NDA include:

  • Login
  • Admin panel
  • API converting module
  • BI statistics
  • File export


I absolutely recommend Rocketech as a really professional team that finds the win-win decision.

Irina Siraeva
Operation Support Manager, Hays


We delivered an IT solution that converts resumes into the desired format. It includes an API converting module, BI statistics, and export functionality. Cutting-edge security protocols ensure personal data protection.
Before our product, it would take Hays' recruiters up to 2 hours to process a single CV. The new solution reduced this time to 2 minutes.
The application is segmented by recruiters and provides statistics on each specialist's productivity. This feature became the basis of a new motivation and reward system.
The project evolved over time. It started as a CV formatting tool but gradually transformed into a mini-ERP system. It was integrated into Hays' internal motivational KPI system. Recruiters' bonuses were linked to the number of resumes they generated, incentivizing productivity.

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