How We Helped Revolutionize Local Cocktail Delivery Market


Chin-Chin is a customizable cocktail delivery service, which makes getting a personalized drink set as easy as ordering a pizza. Website visitors can choose their favorite flavors, make a quick order, and track the progress. It's a one-in-a-kind service for the Russian market, inspired by the Dominos delivery model.

Tech stack

Nest.js, React.js, Bitrix24 CRM

Our role

UX/UI Design, Front End, Web Development, CRM integration

The challenge

Our client came to us with a request to automate order creation and delivery monitoring on a simple platform. The website was envisioned to deliver a full experience of personalized cocktail creation to the end-user as well as simplify business management for Chin-Chin's team.

Project management

Over the course of the work, our team made three substantial pivots, which significantly changed the original idea.

Pivot 1

The project was conceived as a signature cocktails delivery service comprising a website, an iOS app, and an Android app.

A few months in development, the owner has re-thought the idea: now, Chin-Chin was supposed to be an offline bar in downtown Moscow, backed by the website.

On this stage, our team was busy with:

  • Beverage catalog with images and descriptions
  • Delivery functionality with integrated Google Maps API
  • User account development with integrated tracker

Pivot 2

Initially, the project assumed that we would develop the admin panel from scratch. However, we faced the fact that the admin panel will be the most time-consuming and costly part of the work — for a number of reasons:

  • A need for developing frontend to fit users with low internet literacy
  • Implementing databases which would increase the cost of development
  • The potentially high cost of testing due to bulky functionality

So, we started to look for simpler decisions and agreed upon the out-of-the-box solution: Bitrix CRM.

Less than a month down the road, Bitrix CRM was fully configured, connected, and integrated. This solution made it easier for us to implement the order tracker and largely reduced the final paycheck.

Pivot 3

When the project was almost 100% finished, we received a note from the client stating that there will be some changes to the overall concept, design… and even the service's name.

The change is good, so we hopped to the third round of improvements, which included:

  • Re-assembling the frontend to expand the menu: now, there are not only beverages but also food & appetizers
  • Adding filters for cocktails, wines, food, and sets
  • Re-designing the website to match the new concept and name — THE NEST

Overview of interface and functionality


Each beverage, meal, and set has a personal flypage with a photo and detailed description.

For cocktails, we added useful smellscape icons that help customers choose an aroma they like: spicy, fruity, bitter, citrous, etc. This feature helps people pick the right bottle without actually smelling the drink.

Admin panel

The implementation of Bitrix CRM allowed us to integrate rich functionality that perfectly corresponded to the client's needs. Instead of building the platform from scratch, we seamlessly integrated a ready-made product, cutting expenses x10 times.

This solution easily handles all the crucial business processes, such as product management, order processing, delivery, customer relations, and documentation.

User account

Upon registration, each user gets a personal account that stores details about their orders. The account is integrated with a tracker that shows order status: accepted > making cocktails > shipped > delivered.

The order tracking system was inspired by Dominos — the end-user can preview the order status from a PC, smartphone, or tablet via a cross-platform web app


We implemented the multizone delivery feature with a connected Google Maps API.

Chin-Chin delivers within Moscow, the delivery is divided into 3 zones: within Moscow ring highway, outside the ring highway, and downtown Moscow.

The shipping cost is automatically calculated depending on the selected zone and the price of the order.

Telegram bot

We added a Telegram bot to help the Nest team manage the workflow. It notifies the bartenders of the new orders so they could start preparing the cocktails right away.


A user can filter the assortment by cocktails, wines, food, and sets. The fixed filter tab follows the client throughout the entire website so they could have it at hand whenever needed.

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We carried out the manual API testing with the Postman platform to assure that the team promptly receives customer requests.



times cost reduction
by integrating a ready-to-use CRM instead of writing a custom management tool


orders per minute
product bandwidth allows to process a massive order flow and stay operational even on the busiest days


We combined an inner management platform with a stylish online store with personalized cocktail offers.
An adaptive product powered by React.js allowing to cut expenses on mobile app development.
Rich functionality at a tiny cost thanks to the implementation of Bitrix CRM.
The MVP created by Rocketech was successfully presented to stakeholders, clients, and investors.
A timely launched product helped the owners survive the 2020 pandemic and win customers even when the physical bar has shut down for quarantine.

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