SCRUM Fundamentals training

20 July 2021

Volha Shpak

HR Business Partner
Our team recently completed two-day Scrum Fundamentals training!

Scrum is a popular framework with a 25-year history, which is used in many IT and not only companies.

The event was hosted by one of the Rocketech members Fedor Slesarenko, a certified specialist (PSM II, KMP I, CLP) with extensive experience in conducting training events.

The training event was held in a training format. In addition to the usual theoretical blocks for online learning, there were interactive exercises in small groups in Zoom using the MIro online board.

Scrumguide is a document no more than 20 pages in size, but the apparent simplicity is deceiving, which is why the interactive training format was chosen, thanks to which the team had the opportunity not only to refresh the theory but also to feel it in practice.

Why was the training useful?

All of us in the company are engaged in different tasks, but we do it for the sake of one thing – so that Rocketech is a reliable partner in the launch and development of successful products for businesses and startups. The main service we sell is a dedicated team.

The core of such a team is Scrum – a philosophy and a set of tools that enable the team to be effective and efficient.

In addition, Scrum is not only about the development process, but also about the organization as a whole. Scrum’s approaches and values are scalable across the entire business and inevitably are reflected in all processes.

For developers, such training is a must-have. Scrum is what lies at the heart of day-to-day teamwork and its effectiveness.

This training was an excellent tool to systematize and align the understanding of SCRUM. Rocketech team analyzed controversial issues in practice. We also highlighted the moments in which we need to adjust for constantly improving the classic Scrum in our company.

The 2 hours of the training flew by quickly. The information was presented in an entertaining and detailed way. The practical tasks were very busy, but it would be great to have more time for them. Overall, the training was very interesting and useful. I learned a lot of new information. I am very grateful for organization!

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