Alexander Kulik: Full Stack Developer with 18 Years of Experience

12 August 2021

Volha Shpak

HR Business Partner

Today we will tell you about Rocketech team members. Alexander Kulik is a Senior Full Stack Developer with 18-year experience.

“Since childhood, I was going to an electronics club: we were building computers, soldering, trying to create our own games and programs.
I tried different jobs but soon realized that programming is my passion and started working as a freelancer.
I have been working at Rocketech for 2 years already, and it’s been great here.”

– What are the advantages of remote work for you?

A: I don’t like offices at all, but there’re other reasons, too. When you work remotely, you don’t waste time on the way from home to the office and back. So that, remote work gives me extra hours of opportunity to enjoy life: I love fishing, camping, and traveling.

– Why do you like programming?

A: The creative process of programming gives me some sort of aesthetic pleasure. Let me explain. It’s like a system with tangled wires: when you unravel them it may look the same on the outside, but it works way better with this inside order and everything is clear for the users.

– What are the challenges of your job? Tell us about the biggest one.

A: The challenge is when a client wants to have the result in a too short period of time and the quality doesn’t matter to him. In such conditions it’s hard to have this “ordered system” I told you about and create a quality product.
The biggest one was when the task was to launch a VIP room on the website, but the project was not from scratch and the code was a mess. It wasn’t really appealing to me to fix other’s bugs and mistakes.

– What are the moments and things you love in software development?

A: I like when clients thank me for the result of the work. Their review is everything!
I also prefer large teams: the collective mind helps to develop projects and solve problems more efficiently than doing it by yourself.

– What could you advise younger colleagues?

A: Do not create crutches 😄
Use known practices rather than reinvent the wheel when coding/bug-fixing. Everything in programming has been written and tested for a long time, and now there are a lot of great solutions on the Internet.
Don’t be afraid to learn new things, in a year it will become much easier! I believe that anyone can learn anything. Motivation and desire come first, the rest is easy.

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