Proven Ways to Reduce Software Development Costs Without Losing Quality

23 May 2022

Liubomyr Sirskyi

Content Manager

The IT industry is skyrocketing now, and even the coronavirus has not affected it. All current trends are tied to compliance enhancements, process automation, security issues, etc. But the biggest issue for tech companies is the increase in constant development. 

Thus, most businesses look for straightforward software development process optimisation. They hope to reduce the budget and not hit profit levels, so offering top-notch and reasonably priced customer service is paramount. Let’s find out how tech companies can cut software development costs while maintaining quality. 

Effective Planning

Many entrepreneurs do not pay due attention to the planning stage. A huge number of successful applications have appeared in response to the people’s needs, so spontaneous evolution can harm the profits and efficiency of the business.

If you hope to avoid significant mistakes, spend some time in advance to analyse your target audience, nearest competitors, development forecasts, financial constraints and personnel requirements. And it is a great idea to set ambitious goals, even if you do not have enough time or money initially. 

But in any case, you should think about realistic goals and deadlines, and you will get the first significant outcome in the shortest possible time. If you find it tough to answer the question “Where should I start?” consider another issue: who will build up your digital solution? After that, it will be much faster to outline your requirements and draw up a detailed roadmap.

The more effort you put into the planning phase, the lower the final custom software development cost. 

Pay Attention to the Location

If you decide to hire a dedicated team, you should look at the country of residence because this tiny fact can cut or inflate your costs. 

For instance, the average hourly pay of software developers in East and Southeast Asia (ESEA) is $15–20, while the top American specialists have a rate of $150–200 per hour. Of course, it is ten times more than Malaysian or Vietnamese programmers will charge, so you should look for a middle way. 

One of the most affordable options is a dedicated team from Eastern Europe. It is one of the best destinations with top expertise at a reasonable price. Further, a comfortable time zone and unique mentality allow you to organise quality project management. Another benefit is a cost of a software project. 

Select the Right Tech Stack

Every tool has its advantages that affect the application development cost, and using inappropriate instruments can kill your project. Therefore, we recommend reviewing different tech stack options and selecting the best-matching option. 

Both open-source and proprietary software is widely available, but we strongly recommend choosing third-party tools (if possible). Using them, you can benefit from improved reliability and round-a-clock support. 

Plus, you should only compare competing products. Only then you will learn more about them and pick a solution with more benefits that suit your application.

Adopt Agile Best Practices

Do not take Agile as a magic wand for your project; it is just insurance in case of market changes. When you implement this set of methodologies, you can easily update your software.

This approach allows you to monitor changes in the market and client expectations. Thus, you can adapt your strategy and develop a digital solution to meet the user requirements. Even if these preferences change drastically, you are always ready to revise your roadmap to fulfil their needs. In any case, this set of methodologies helps to reduce software development costs. 

It is also vital to keep stress under control. If you organise your internal communication properly, you create a positive and thriving atmosphere inside your dedicated team and increase its efficiency. Learn more about keeping your Agile team stress-free here

Implement a Test-Driven Development

Testing is essential for creating digital solutions because it helps to detect bugs before they cause trouble. Understanding how to reduce app development costs comes with experience.

The more we complete successful applications, the more we learn how to do all tasks properly. If you can create digital products early and regularly (with precise results after each phase), you can learn to work flawlessly and save more time.

Moreover, this approach helps to guarantee that detected bugs will not affect the course of app development and turn into overspending. 

Employ Advanced QA Procedures

Many companies face numerous limitations related to building web and mobile applications. Thus, you can deal with sudden interruptions, expensive errors and the time frame extension. And this is where quality assurance comes into play. It shows you why development costs are so high.

The main thing here is to address as much reliance as possible. For instance, you can offer fewer features to make them done faster and less costly. 

Here is another example: if you decide to develop a web application and the Android/iOS version at the same time, you should hire more specialists with different areas of expertise, skills and experience. Therefore, QA is vital for guaranteeing compliance with user requirements and expectations.

Automate Your Development Process

When you apply the relaxed approach to the choice of specialists, developers can do a lot of manual work to create a digital solution. But if you want to progress, you should look for instruments and methods to enhance your efficiency and limit the number of errors in the code. And this is one of the excellent ways how to reduce software development costs. 

Every developer knows that hardworking alone is not enough to achieve success. The primary measure of success for them is automation which means more than just a 60-hour workweek. And true experts will always think about how to complete more tasks in less time.

The steady development is a mix of long working hours and looking for approaches to boost productivity (e.g., taking courses or testing unique tools). If you decide to leverage automation techniques, you will increase the quantity and quality of developers’ work. 

Look at Backend-as-a-Service Platforms

Here is another effective solution to reduce the software development budget. Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a highly beneficial tool (especially when you spend most of your budget on design and front-end tasks). 

Backend-as-a-Service is a platform that allows you to outsource your back-end development. Also, it offers a set of instruments and ready-made blocks of a back-end code.

Therefore, BaaS enables software specialists to focus on the front-end code. This solution provides three benefits for software specialists. 

Development Speed 

When starting developing an application, you need to determine the list of core functions and the tech stack to create a digital product. With BaaS, you will know how to move to the next iteration faster, with fewer web app development costs and minimal risk. 


When developers create different versions of your software, they should remember all specifications. Backend-as-a-Service platforms offer a unique ecosystem to develop applications for various operating systems and devices with the same under-the-hood functionality. 


If your company implements highly viral ideas, BaaS provides additional features (such as cloud storage and social network integration) to reach the broadest possible audience.

Pick a Trustworthy Partner

If you want to reduce the cost of making an app, delegate your development process to a dedicated team with extensive experience. 

A specific expert team can build up a whole new desktop or mobile application, change a set of functions or introduce new features to your product. In any case, assigning a reliable partner to the development process is also highly profitable in comparison to hiring full-time employees.

Therefore, you need to select a software development company with an exceptional reputation and vast experience. It will help to ensure a perfect result that will draw the attention of your target audience. At Rocketech, we know how to provide quality and cost-effective services. We assign a dedicated team that implements advanced development practices to save you time and money. And if you are ready to get top-notch software that meets user expectations, contact us now!

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