ROCKETECH among Top App Developers In Singapore

1 July 2021


Software Development Company

App development has become popular within just a few years as smartphones have become our best lifetime friends. The app development market has tough competition, and every business tries to correspond to trends and fulfill user’s needs with their app. Such trends as IoT, AI, AR, and VR, instant and on-demand apps, have been popular in Singapore in 2020 and will improve more in 2021.

MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd is a digital marketing firm in South East Asia. MediaOne’s TOP IN SINGAPORE blog is read by hundreds of thousands of people in Singapore.

Media0ne is home to the best in the business: highly experienced consultants and digital experts. The agency has 10 years of experience in the field and more than 2000 SMC & MNC clients. Media0ne is the most eminent independent digital agency in Singapore.

We are proud and happy that ROCKETECH has been listed among the Top App Developers In Singapore in 2021!

“You have been shortlisted due to your online reviews, completeness, and trustworthiness of your website”.

Our main priorities are quality, long-lasting partnership, and transparency, which help us to provide our clients with innovative web solutions and bring their innovative ideas to life.

ROCKETECH is using the most modern and most demanded technologies to create an outstanding project.

We are experts at the development of:
  • Social Networks

Even though there’re main players on the market of social media, it’s not too late to build your own one. Define the core tech feature and launch your startup.

  • Online & Streaming Media Platforms

Streaming platforms have become extremely popular and changed viewing habits over the past several decades. You have a chance to make the next Netflix out of your project.

  • FinTech & Investment Platforms

It is one of the main industries of software development nowadays. Despite the number of competitors, you can still stand out with a user-friendly bank app or a high-quality cryptocurrency exchange platform!

  • Review Aggregators

Each content aggregator website has its own unique possibilities. A review aggregator of any niche will always be in demand both for businesses and customers.

  • FoodTech & Delivery

Who doesn’t use delivery apps? Is there any successful restaurant not using an inside program for orders? FoodTech will always be in demand.

  • Travel & Hospitality

Imagine creating an app like AirBnB for a new niche with upgraded features!

  • Utilities & Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools are used both by individuals and businesses. For example, there’re plenty of programmer productivity tools with various purposes.

  • Property Listings & PropTech

Property technology has a huge impact on the real estate market in 2021 and every Real Estate company invests billions of dollars in PropTech solutions.

Tell us more about your future product. Let’s develop your outstanding project!

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