How to Choose a Software Development Company

18 April 2022

Liubomyr Sirskyi

Content Manager

If you plan to get a top-notch assistance from a custom software development company, it might be challenging because there are dozens of them. But is it really tough to do it?

Fortunately, not. But some enterprises are tardy, squandering funds and offering products of questionable quality. And this approach just complicates things. That is why you should pay close attention to picking an excellent team to create a high-end digital product. Let’s find out more about the process of the perfect vendor.  

The Definition of Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated team (DTM) is a particular model when customers and outsourced teams work together on a permanent basis. It became a unique business model based on adjusting to the individual requirements of each project.

In this case, you may expect first-class service and a complete focus on your demands. The company allocating a dedicated team takes care of recruitment, taxes, the legal part, etc. Your only concern is to control the working process of your dedicated partners.

The next question is about the standard set of workers. It looks like this:

  • A full range of mobile and desktop developers.
  • UI/UX specialists.
  • DevOps engineers.
  • QA/QC specialists.
  • Business analysts.
  • Project managers.
  • Scrum masters.

To sum it up, a dedicated development team offers a full range of software outsourcing services for any business. In addition, they cover all recruiting and onboarding expenses.  

Who May Preferably Hire DTM

Dedicated teams work in different industries, from software development companies to FinTech brands. Let’s learn the benefits of the DTM model for various purposes:

  • If you are a startup, a remote team will be a perfect choice to cover all your needs. First, you will not spend money to rent an office. Second, it will save time for solving business issues. As a result, such an approach helps your business to skyrocket.
  • If you struggle to find perfect developers, HR specialists, lawyers, and others, implementing a DTM may be beneficial. The subcontractor team will cover all recruitment routine tasks so you can focus on business development. 
  • If you have got a big project or even dozens of them and plan to extend your team, a dedicated model may save some time and budget for you. 
  • If you consider using new technologies, hiring an experienced team will benefit your business and the entire industry.

As a result, the remote team will save a lot for your project and guarantee outstanding results. Click here to find out more!

10 Crucial Steps on Picking the Right Development Partner

For one, your company should be suitable for fulfilling your demands so that you need to check it. Another vital aspect to verify is the ability to enhance the existing competence of employees. Moreover, all bespoke software developers must have strong capacities in the right areas. All those factors are vital for covering your needs. Let’s review ten steps in selecting your perfect dedicated team: 

Define Your Requirements

It’s better to ensure what kind of product you want to offer your customers. You should have a clear idea of your future digital product.  

This approach helps to present the vision and concept of your future application. But remember that your thoughts may differ from the opinion of the custom software development team. So it would be better to ensure that you and your partner are of one mind on the project scope. Anyway, this is the first step of a quick and cost-effective process. 

Forget About the Price

Analysing hourly rates is essential when looking for a reliable company but not paramount. For instance, a high hourly rate is a vague criterion that will not mean that the whole product will be costlier or more valuable. It is better to forget about filtering dedicated teams and leverage other factors to review the performance. Otherwise, you risk missing some great options for your company.

Look For Dedicated Teams Online

After the first two steps, you may have a set of requirements and a clear vision of your future product. Now you need to start looking for a team of developers. There are two common ways: 

  • Search for dedicated development team services in Google. In this case, you should learn both ads and organic results. Analysing search engine results pages (SERPs) will provide vital information (available services, scope of industries, cases, and the standard approach of bespoke software development).
  • Check developers’ listings (e.g., Clutch, GoodFirms, TechReviewer, and many others). You use various search filters, like location, project size, or leading industry. 

Both of these approaches may be somewhat good for you. However, there may be companies with several layers of management which cause overload and communication issues.

Check Their Expertise

Moreover, you should request some actual data about the expertise of chosen teams. Case studies, information packs and brochures are the best tools to assess their quality of work. Another great idea is to look for mobile applications or websites created by software product development services and check their professional level. 

Determine Working Language

Conferencing apps ease and support the proper communication between people, while task management tools allow control of the remote team of experts. Still, you should ensure that your outsourcing software development team has an excellent knowledge of English. It will help to avoid the language barrier at all stages.

First and foremost, you need to find the company location. For instance, if your partner is headquartered in the USA or UK, its developers, management and other employees are most likely to speak English. However, hiring a dedicated team from Eastern Europe may be a better choice. They have a great command of English, while their services cost less because of the difference in economic regions.

Consider What Technology Will Suit Your Software

The dedicated team usually has a set of appropriate technologies and creates apps or websites using them. It is a huge positive for your company. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider:

  • Сheck if your partner follows all technological trends. Innovations are paramount, so the dedicated development team should be aware of all updates in supported technologies.
  • Analyse the current stack of supported programming languages. For example, if you plan to create JavaScript-based solutions, you should draw up a shortlist of possible vendors that focus on JS. That is why you should look for developers with a stack of the most on-demand tools and technologies.

Start collaborating with a short-term project. It will help to analyse the development process and the quality of ready mobile or desktop software.        

Define Their Communication Quality

If software development companies can provide first-class communication, this is an indicator of the expertise of the team and the company’s executives. The key is an excellent command of English. The chosen management model is also vital for creating a high-quality product. The most widespread method is Agile: about 95% of enterprises adopted this model in one form or another. 

Subcontractor teams are expected to use online task management solutions and tracking tools (Asana, Jira, Trello, etc.). They can guarantee an efficient collaborative workflow with all team members and show the full picture of their progress. Moreover, you may react quickly in case of problems. 

Since the dedicated team has been working together for a long time, they have already developed a certain level of synchronisation and guarantee that you will be on the same wavelength. Daily communication via team chat apps is also relevant and makes the development process more transparent.

Such a close collaboration creates a productive environment for building up your product and achieving the common goal. 

Learn More About Cybersecurity Best Practices They Follow

You can never have too many levels of security, especially when you have access to payment data or login credentials. And when you plan to collaborate with an IT dedicated team, check if it is a specific security policy that helps to monitor all development actions. 

Moreover, this poliсy should be consistent with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. It was created to help enterprises build a comprehensive information security strategy and cut the risks of a data breach. 

Look at the Business Structure

All teams must have a transparent chain of management and corporate culture. Once you think about ​​hiring a dedicated development team, you should learn properly about the workflow.

If some teams don’t have a clear structure, you can consider looking for other options with outstanding management and group dynamics. It will guarantee excellent service and timely execution of tasks. 

Check Their Testing and Maintenance Policies

The last stage while choosing your perfect partner is learning the testing policy of every single team on your shortlist. You should learn more about the testing procedure at all development stages. Furthermore, maintenance and support policies are topmost to check. As a result, you must ensure that your team provides a complete cycle of services, starting from the initial vision of the application to regular backups.

Summing It Up

A dedicated development team is beneficial in many ways. First, it may save a lot of time and money on creating a top-notch product. In exchange, developers will join your company to create unique and helpful applications on a permanent basis. It will take more time to understand your business goals and demands. Once you decide to hire the best-matching team of developers, you must wisely choose the company. Rocketech will become your reliable partner in offering quality software and bringing innovative ideas to life. Learn more about our services and get in touch here

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