How Zuzan Redefined Corporate Scheduling


Zuzan is an innovative online scheduling tool created to meet the needs of businesses. Through several business pivots, together with the client, we developed a comprehensive platform that offers customizable features and seamless integrations to enhance productivity in the modern workplace.

Tech stack

Backend:Python, AWS, Docker
Frontend:React, Redux, Microsoft Teams SDK

Our role

Project Management, Backend, Frontend, UI/UX Design

The challenge

The project began with the ambitious goal of creating a competitor to Calendly. Initially envisioned as a media platform, the client pivoted to develop an online scheduling tool for corporate use. The main challenge was penetrating the B2B market, where companies viewed such tools as necessary instruments rather than optional conveniences.

At the project onset, the client needed the final tool their startup was missing to switch to the B2B scene and start growing their business. Such a time-keeping instrument was to connect other features like an online calling platform, event organization, and analytics into a comprehensive platform that would create value in corporate environments. On top of that, the client needed it fast.

The Rocketech team:

  • Business Analyst
  • Scrum Master
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Web Designer


The project underwent several iterations and pivots. Initially targeted at weddings and events, the team recognized the shifting landscape due to COVID-19 and the increasing digitization of events. This led to a pivot towards creating a tool for online events. Another vital iteration was integrating Microsoft 365, vital for the big-business environment.

The Insight

While pivoting the project, we realized that existing corporate scheduling tools lacked customization options and often struggled with diverse calendars, time zones, and security needs. This insight prompted the decision to develop a more tailored solution specifically addressing security concerns and integrations.


The resulting product offers a customizable scheduling platform designed with corporate needs in mind. It provides enhanced security features, access control, and seamless integration with popular collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.

The final platform version can:

  • Send invitations and materials to all participants;
  • Save the appointment to the user calendar;
  • Create a virtual room for an online meeting;
  • Send out reminders one hour before the meeting;
  • Share the saved meeting video with all participants if it was recorded.

Key features

The platform streamlines the process of scheduling and managing meetings and events, ensuring efficient collaboration and communication for users.
Calendar Module: View and manage your schedule effortlessly with our intuitive calendar module.
Tutorial: Get started quickly with our helpful tutorial feature, guiding you through the platform.
Calendar Views: Customize your calendar view to suit your preferences and workflow.
Parameter Filter: Filter events based on specific parameters, making it easier to find what you need.
Period Filter: Narrow down your search by filtering events based on time periods.
Navigation: Seamlessly navigate through the platform for a smooth user experience.
Connecting Calendars: Easily integrate your Mail and Exchange calendars with our platform.
Creating Meetings: Effortlessly schedule meetings, specifying details like location, duration, and participants.
Meeting Types: Choose between different meeting types, whether it's a quick catch-up or a full-blown event.
Date and Time Selection: Flexibly select dates and times for your meetings, catering to both fixed and flexible schedules.
Location and Format Selection: Specify meeting locations and formats, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Language and Additional Info: Customize meeting language and add extra information for clarity.
Voting Management: Easily manage participant responses and streamline the decision-making process.
Participant Confirmation: Keep track of participant statuses and manage responses efficiently.
Meeting Updates: Receive notifications and updates about any changes to your scheduled meetings.


The skills of their BA and Scrum Master were impressive.

Andrey Sobolev
CPO, Zuzan


Up to 60

hours per month saved on scheduling meetings


in funding




events per month


A flexible, customizable web meeting scheduling assistant for an event management company.
A product marketable and ready to bring profits in the B2B environment.
Short team recruitment time.
Videoconferencing and streaming integrations.
An automatic landing page builder for registration or selling tickets.
Integrations with Microsoft 365, essential for corporate use.

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