The Long-Term Integration Partnership with a Leader in Retail Audits

The challenge

Many brilliant startups face the same challenge — they build complex, multifaceted products that burn a lot of resources (and money in the end) when being integrated. While this problem is not something every founder knows from the beginning, it can become critical at later stages.

This is the challenge our client also faced once their product reached a certain stage of complexity. As a result, they were looking for an integration partner who would take over the SLA projects and steadily implement their product into their customers' systems.


Backend:Python, C++, Kubernetes
AI:GPU (Nvidia V100 or A100), Microsoft Power BI, ARM architecture

Our role and company services

Dedicated product integration partner

The product

Eyrene is an innovative AI-powered Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for audits and data collection in the retail industry. Developed by a leading company specializing in image recognition services, Eyrene is trusted by global brands to reshape the merchandising landscape.

The solution automates product recognition — no more manual counting during merchandiser visits. Instead, the software simply captures a few photos to identify products and streamline audit processes efficiently.

Eyrene not only expedites audits but also enhances on-shelf presence and motivates merchandisers and sales representatives. Offering real-time insights, the platform recognizes products, assesses their positioning on shelves, and provides a detailed analysis of brand representation in each retail location.

Eyrene's functionality for integrations

The solution's key features are audit time reduction, live plan execution recommendations, increased standardization, and compliance with planograms, leading to a remarkable 5–10% boost in sales through improved product visibility.
Eyrene's core functionality includes:
  • The solution's backend
  • Server-side and on-device image recognition
  • Web interface
  • Mobile app
  • Panorama stitching
  • Perspective correction
  • Fixed camera firmware
  • Image similarity search
  • Detector training
  • Classifier training pipeline
  • Price tag training pipelines
  • Fraud classifier training pipeline
  • Multiple datasets
  • Multiple dashboards (image recognition accuracy, image recognition latency, price monitoring, and others)

Value for users

KPI Engine

The feature provides out-of-the-box support for the core industry KPIs like brand blocks, OSA (on-shelf availability), SOS (share of shelf), OOS (out-of-shelf), planogram compliance, and many more. On top of that, the solution supports unlimited KPI customizations.

Web Portal

A complex, enterprise-level web platform collects real-time data and provides full control over field staff — brand owners can track what their employees do, when, and how. But the platform's functionality is not limited by that — users can manage stores, products and photos, visits, routes, import and export rules, tasks, and settings.

Project management

We joined the client in this project at the strategic moment of company separation. That's why we started with code review and tech due diligence. Our partnership's first stage was navigating the technical complexities of the division process and conducting meticulous tech due diligence.

As the next stage, Rocketech became the client's long-term integration partner taking over their SLA contracts and ensuring seamless and fast implementation of the client's product in various regions and business environments.

The system features critical for the integration process

Put simply, Eyrene streamlines the tasks of trade representatives and assesses SKU presence on shelves. To accomplish this mission, the following features must be integrated properly:
  • The swift transition from testing to complete implementation.
  • Precise geolocation-based analytics for the sales department.
  • Robust integration capabilities with the client's current SFA systems.
  • Customized BI in 2–4 weeks, a significant improvement compared to other solutions that take several months.
  • Recognition accuracy of 95% and higher.
  • Fixed retail audit price with no restrictions on photo quantity.



SLA per month


lead time


team per contract


recognition accuracy


to customized BI


boost in sales after integration


Unique Expertise: Our team's unique expertise in tech due diligence, division facilitation, mobile and backend development, AWS integration, and project management empowered the startup to overcome technical hurdles.
Contractual Framework: The partnership was formalized through a robust contract with 3–4 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) per month. We committed resources and managed projects, seamlessly introducing the client's product to their customers.
Tailored Integrations: Each integration was not just a technical process but a journey through compliance, business-specific requirements, and more. Our team, sprint after sprint, crafted bespoke integrations for new markets and diverse businesses.
The Startup Pain Relief: Many startups create intricate tech products but lack partners to navigate the cost landscape. Our team alleviated this pain, allowing the client to grow exponentially without burning excessive funds on integrations.

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