Toolks — Widgets for You: The Easiest Way to Customize the iPhone's Home Screen


Toolks is an easy and intuitive iOS application providing more than 500 widgets to fully personalize the user's home screen. This convenient and user-friendly tool allows users to customize widgets according to any personal preferences.


Software:Xcode, Jira, SourceTree
Repository:Bitbucket, GitFlow
Project architecture:MVC
Code:Swift 5.2, SPM, Cocoapods, UIKit, SwiftUI

Our role and company services

Mobile Development

The challenge

Inspired by one of the latest iOS updates, the Client had an idea to create a solution that would provide users with access to all possible widgets in one place.

The Rocketech team took over the project with the product halfway developed by another team. For us, it meant redesigning the application based on improved analytics and efficiency metrics.

The solution

Our team delivered an effective yet not overloaded solution with countless customization options to significantly improve the user's unique experience. They include personalizing themes, colors, fonts, and other elements.
All widgets in one solution
Whether it's Clock, Weather, Calendar, or Notes — the application offers more than 500 types of widgets. It's the easiest way to personalize the user's home and lock screens.
Widget collections
For better user experience, widgets are grouped in ready-made collections by subjects. Users can enjoy Dark and Light themes, Sports, Nature, Geometry, and many other collections that are also matched with corresponding background pictures. Grouping collections make the widget-search process fast and enjoyable.
Extended customization
The solution is aimed to provide users with a unique personalization experience. It allows customizing nearly everything from fonts and background images to text color and size. The app also supports uploading background images from the device's Gallery.
The subscription unlocks more than 500 widgets and provides access to all collections and themes. A free trial widget is also available to become familiar with all features.

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The Rocketech team successfully finished the project by reintroducing the app's innovative UI and intuitive user-interaction logic. Our analytics process helped us extend the feature list and optimize the app's functionality according to the user-behavior metrics.
Revisited UI
After taking over the already halfway developed product, the Rocketech team applied the SwiftUI framework and reintroduced the application's entire UI. This approach resulted in a new adaptive design.
Repurposed analytics
Our analytics team optimized the existing user-behavior metrics, which allowed us to create an intuitive, user-friendly design. Advanced analytics also helped us increase the software's functionality significantly in comparison to its original version.
Intuitive solution
Our team redefined the app's onboarding process and its logic. Users have a simple and understandable introduction to the application and constant access to clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

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