Digital Transformation of Old School Casinos


Roulette Live is a service that combines the experience of a real casino and an online gaming format. Visitors to the service receive full transparency of gameplay because the results are displayed on the online broadcast and recorded in the Roulette Live interface.

Tech stack

Node.js, Nest.js, JSBerry, React.js, MongoDB, React Native

Our role

Desktop development, UX/UI, iOS, Android, Tablets

The challenge

Our client asked us to create a roulette with the ability to broadcast the results of the game from an offline casino. The service was intended to provide the end user with a complete gaming experience with confidence in the integrity and legality of the gameplay. The task was to develop a platform with all integrations and services that would be cheaper than the boxed solution offered by Evolution Gaming for $500,000.

Project management

Starting work on the project, we were guided by the key task: to build a unique service for playing casino roulette and streaming it online. But the customer liked the work of the team so much that all further releases of the service were also transferred to our company. So, the current version of RoyalCasino was built with 3 iterations.

Iteration 1

At this stage, our team was busy preparing the mobile version of the service and expanding the functionality of the web platform for playing roulette with offline progress broadcast.

Our specialists were involved in:

  • Introduction of Frame streaming into the gameplay;
  • Development of a betting system and gameplay;
  • Integration of partners for the implementation of online casino roulette;
  • Setting up payment algorithms and balance management.

We managed to create detailed scenarios for each stage of the game with clear rules and game results. It ensured transparent and fair gameplay.

Iteration 2

At this stage, we expanded casino roulette by building a flexible and understandable interface, as well as developing a basic admin panel. Our specialists:

  • Improved on UX and UI to create maximum information content of the interface;
  • Added the display of the necessary statistics for players by transferring the roulette results to the screen;
  • Introduced interactivity and responsiveness of all interface elements in the lobby and the game room;
  • Added the ability to play without stream;
  • Expanded functionality in the mobile version of RoyalCasino;
  • Created audio chat between players;
  • Refactored the code to improve performance and security.

Iteration 3

When we had already implemented, it seemed, everything, the customer reported good news: the project got the opportunity to become a full-fledged gambling product and gaming studio. Before diversification of services, several additions and extensions were required:

  • To add a new poker game with real time stream and card recognition. We build up it with legacy of Roulette engine to the web and mobile versions;
  • To develop the Streaming Frame logic for a new games and partners;
  • To develop a format of rates and tariffs for the game without external providers;
  • To modify the admin panel to bring out new poker tables;
  • To integrate payment tools for playing without payments through partners;
  • To extend the platform engine with 20+ new slots games.

Thanks to the introduction of additional parallel games, the product grew from scratch into big gaming studio Absolute Live Gaming together with Rocketech.

Live roulette

Our experts developed a unique format for transferring the results of offline games to online. To do this, we combined the roulette stream screen with the playing field, where each action from the broadcast was automatically transferred to the online format.

It was made through the recognition of the ball using the API of image recognition. The algorithm can read data and transfer it, realizing it in rounds online. Moreover, we built Seamless multi-threaded game streaming on all supported OSs and devices. It made it possible to strengthen the transparency and legality of the gameplay without cheating on the provider's part.


Our specialists worked out the functionality of more than 60 buttons in the lobby and on the gaming table. We rendered more than 80 variants of custom screens at different stages of interaction with the service with animations and interactive elements of non-functional blocks. We chose a color scheme and design concept that can highlight the emotions of players and enhance the feeling of the reality of the casino game.

Application logic

We described in detail the scenarios for actions in the lobby and at the gaming table. Our experts have prescribed all possible variations for the types of bets, limits, and activities at the gaming table. In addition, we analyzed the internal functionality of the app according to standard user requests and responses from the game service.


We built tiered API integrations for seamless game streaming across 30 partner marketplaces like 1XBet, Soft Swiss, MrSlotty, Ezugi and many more.

Mobile app

We built a cross-platform iFrame, making it possible to open the game service on iOS, Android, and other portable devices with well established game experience.

Admin panel

We added a gradation of users with the ability to play at VIP tables, prescribed an algorithm for presenting free roulettes to various types of users by balance, divided the withdrawal of game partners available by limits, and updated icons and information messages.

Communication between players

We have implemented audio chat, created separate rooms for communication between players within the same table, and developed rooms for self-play only with the dealer, adding an even more lively atmosphere and excitement.

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savings compared to similar Evolution projects.


integrations for different API versions.


users can play simultaneously in real-time.


bets in one game round.


users can easily place bets from different parts of the worl d.


bets take place on the platform on average per year.


years of the platform's successful operation on a single ga me core.


Overall, we saved 9 times the budget, while getting high-quality services. The platform is available for more than 20K players worldwide and accepts more than 2 million bets a year. We've been successful on the market for more than 5 years.

Andrey Bezsonov
CTO of Royal Casino, Absolute Live Gaming


A service that has transformed from an MVP of implemented streaming on third-party platforms into a full-fledged product with 2 types of streaming games, slots and more. So from scratch to gaming studio Absolute Live Gaming.
An affordable online service for games, which, considering the client's needs, is 10 times cheaper than a boxed solution.
A unique solution in the gaming industry for building gameplay and combining online and offline progress, which has already collected over 4 million bets in 3 years.
Service automation in the context of UI/UX, which ensures uninterrupted operation.
Automated documentation, which makes it possible to record all games, transactions, bets, and sessions.
Automatic bets that allow you to memorize combinations, games, double bets, and more.
Autodetection of currencies and game type for user convenience and quick immersion in the atmosphere.
Transparency of analytics for accounting bets by integrated partners through the ability to enter a personal account using the API dashboard.
Large-scale proxy that converts different clients and different requests/game types into one view for smooth play.
A comprehensive rollback system that provides instant data recovery and platform operability in case of technical problems.

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