The Easiest Ever Voice Recorder to Manage Long Recordings


Altfast is an easy iOS voice recorder that allows users to trim, edit, and share recordings. The solution supports M4A and WAV formats and has a reminder function.

Tech stack

Software:Xcode, Jira, SourceTree, Figma, Sketch
Repository:Git, Bitbucket, GitFlow
Project architecture:MVVM
Code:Swift 5.2, CoreData, AVFoundation, SPM, UIKit

Our role

UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, QA

The challenge

The Client's idea was an easy and user-friendly voice recorder. The Rocketech team built the solution from scratch, elaborating the app's logic and considering the Client's requirements. Our task was to revisit the audio editing system and introduce the automatic silence trimming function.

We, however, faced another challenge — the Client required our leading developer to solve an urgent problem in another project. It caused the launch delay and may have significantly impacted the outcome and budget as these circumstances shifted the project's timing.

The solution

The Rocketech team developed a lightweight, easy, and user-friendly voice recorder with several specific features.
Revisited audio editor logic
The solution automatically trims silence in the user's recordings. A new visual kit allows editing long recordings. Based on the merging technology, the application allows users to resume already existing recordings easily.
Noise reduction
We created a purpose-specific algorithm for noise reduction. It uses the trimming silence feature and creates a sequence of shorter tracks merged into one recording.
Easy to listen
Users can listen to the entire recording or their parts. Without going into the editor mode, the app allows controlling volume and speed. There are eight options for the recording speed — up to three times faster or slower.
Easy to share
The application provides multiple sharing options via available messengers or the iPhone standard option "Save to Files".
Easy to edit
A user-friendly audio editor has a smooth slider to scroll the recording to the required part. Users can effortlessly trim and split any parts of their recordings. The system tracks the slider coordinates and transforms them into timestamps measured in seconds.
Reminder function
Users can set reminders for specific times and dates indicating when they need to make a recording. The app sends a push notification that automatically redirects the user to the voice recorder bypassing other screens — it's ready to start recording. The entire list of reminders is available at any time.

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The Rocketech team created a user-friendly voice recorder with a complex, dynamic UI and an innovative audio editing system that automatically trims silence and easily manages even long recordings. A specially created merging algorithm makes audio editing fast and simple.
Timely and on-budget delivery
Despite the project launch delay, we introduced a fully-developed product on time and within the agreed budget. The circumstances did not impact our work and desired results in any way.
Real-time voice preview
While recording, users can see real-time sound fluctuations. We implemented audio rendering through a visual representation on screen.
No back-end solution
Since the solution was developed without back-end architecture, it doesn't require any registration process. It also helped save time and resources invested into the project.
Easily scalable
The solution is flexible and easily scalable. In practical terms, it means the Client can easily implement extra functionality in the future.
Database integration
The file system saves audio tracks inside the application and uses the device's internal storage. It means only the device's storage capacity limits the number of recordings.

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