How We Built a Mind Mapping Tool Aimed to Dominate the Global Market


Keep&Mind is an iOS application for creating mind maps and is ambitious enough to beat its fast-growing competitor — Miro.

Tech stack

Code:Swift, UIKit, RxSwift, RxCocoa, RxGesture, SwiftLint, SnapKit, Pods, MBProgressHUD, PINRemoteImage
Project architecture:MVVM

Our role

UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, QA

The challenge

The client wanted to build a fast, lightweight, easy-to-use iOS application for creating mind maps.

The main challenge was that the client applied to Rocketech with some snippets of working code already developed by a 3-rd party team and a cut-off budget.

The Rocketech team should develop a standalone, fully functional mind-mapping component and fit it into the existing application architecture made up of code that was already developed and provided by a client.

Additionally, the team should complete this project on a short budget and time that remained after challenges the previous development team could not handle.

The solution

The Rocketech team built a fully functional, lightweight, and easy-to-use editor to create, edit and store graphic mind maps right on users' devices.
Professional mind map editor
Users can easily split any image into equal parts and create stunning content for posting it on social media, blogs, or simply sharing with friends and having fun. Users with a free version can split up to 3 images.
Multi-touch technology for easy editing
The fully-featured mind map editor supports multi-touch technology for drag-and-drop, zoom, and pan gestures, which makes adding the nodes, texts, connections, and other elements quick and easy.
Support of different content types
Along with text, it is possible to add images and photos to the mind map by importing those from the local photo gallery.
Ability to customize colors
Users can also change the color of the mind map graphic elements and fonts.

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The result is a fully-featured mind maps editor, which generates maps right on a user's device.
Fully functional yet easy to use
Keep&Mind is as reliable and straightforward as a sketchbook. It provides essential tools to capture ideas in the form of a mind map and is still lightweight enough to cope with minimal effort.
Successfully run on a wide range of smartphone models
The Rocketech development team held an investigation and optimized its performance so that an application successfully generates sophisticated mind maps on devices starting from iPhone 6 that use iOS versions 13 and higher.
No backend solution
The application is developed without a back-end, which ensures its scalability and meanwhile saves time and budget.
Fit in time and budget
Finally, due to efficient planning and project management, the product is delivered with a limited budget and on time so that the client could bring Keep&Mind to market when intended.
Export and share
Once created, users can share their mind maps by exporting them to PDF, PNG, or JPEG formats.
Privacy protection
Finally, users can set passwords for opening the application, which ensures better information security.

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