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QuizWithIt is a digital platform designed to provide an interactive and engaging way for users to learn and test their knowledge. The primary goal was to build a functional yet entertaining tool for bloggers and educators to reach and engage their audience. The product idea was to create an engaging educational quiz platform with a freemium subscription model.

Tech stack

No-code web development:Bubble
Architecture:Restful API

Our role

UI/UX Design, No-Code Web Development, QA, Support

The challenge

Our client — a professional YouTuber and science communicator — reached out to us with an ambitious idea to build a new educational platform and grow it into a monetization channel. We were tasked to build an enjoyable educational web platform where the client could regularly publish quizzes on different topics. As the client already had a growing blog audience, the business model needed an extra tool to increase engagement and integrate payment options.

The Rocketech team:

  • Business Analyst/Project Manager
  • No-Code Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • UI/UX Designer

Project management

The project has gone through several stages so far. It began with basic functionality like logins and profile creation. As the next step, we added more complex features like tools for creators and managing subscriptions. Each update focused on user needs and helped the platform grow. Here's a summed-up project timeline.

Phase 1

Initial Development (Version 1.0)

This phase focused on laying the groundwork for the application (starting with architecture setup), including user authentication, basic quiz functionalities, account management, and the home page development.

Phase 2

Enhancements and Additional Features (Version 1.1)

This phase aimed to improve user engagement and experience. It included adding features for subscription management, donation options, and creating premium content for subscribed users.

Phase 3

Advanced Features and Creator Tools (Version 2.0)

This phase introduced advanced features for creators — enhanced quiz creation and editing tools and improved profile management options.


The project encounters several significant hurdles:

  • The complexity of no-code implementation: Creating the website without traditional coding is tough, especially considering our budget and time constraints.
  • Issues with the point system: The project's point system is complicated, slowing down operations, especially given the platform's limitations.
  • Platform constraints: The project stretches the limits of the chosen platform, suggesting potential difficulties in meeting all project requirements effectively.
  • Integration challenges: Bringing together different components involves dealing with many integrations and choosing suitable plugins. Problems with plugins that have closed source code can make troubleshooting more difficult.


QuizWithIt offers a platform where users can access customizable quizzes spanning various topics. It features quizzes sourced from popular YouTube channels and allows for easy sharing of quiz results across different platforms. Users can also participate in thematic competitions and engage with gamification elements such as points and ratings.

The QuizWithIt platform operates
around two key roles:

These are the individuals or teams behind the scenes crafting quizzes. They're experts in their fields, designing questions and answers that are both stimulating and educational.

These users dive into the quizzes, answer questions, subscribe to creators' content, and sometimes even pitch in with donations. The quizzes help them measure their knowledge and progress in different subjects.

Main functionality

  • Signup and Login (via email or Google)
  • Create a Profile
  • Create a New Quiz
  • Edit Quiz
  • Quiz View
  • Quiz Search
  • Quiz Preview
  • Quiz Results
  • Filter by Tags and Sorting by Popular
  • PayPal and Stripe Payments
  • Donations (through PayPal or Stripe)
  • YouTube Integration
  • Social Network Share
  • Subscriptions
  • Average Score Statistics
  • Total Points Earned
  • Leveling System
  • Question Context
  • External Linking



users in the first 3 months


paid subscriptions right
after the platform launch


months to the break-even point


times users complete each quiz




Thanks to ROCKETECH, the client has ensured a positive UX for their customers. ROCKETECH has effectively delivered the project to the client's requirements. They also promote excellent communication via regular meetings and reports. Their prompt responsiveness to the client's queries is exemplary.

Sabine Hossenfelder
CEO QuizWithIt, Physicist, Author, Content Creator


Increased Engagement: The interactive quizzes resulted in a significant increase in user participation, making learning more active and enjoyable.
Diverse Content: The client expanded the content by allowing customizable quizzes and incorporating material from popular YouTube channels. This appealed to a wider audience and boosted platform usage.
Better User Experience: Continuous interface and functionality improvements have made QuizWithIt more user-friendly.
Sustainable Revenue: The freemium subscription model balances accessibility with revenue generation, ensuring sustainable growth.
Empowering Creators: The product provides tools for creators to better connect with their audience, tailor content, and foster community engagement.

Future goals

The new release will introduce separate paid subscriptions — users will be able to subscribe not only to the entire platform but also to individual quiz creators.

Additionally, we've already introduced a new feature — now other users can also create their own quizzes. Together with a visually appealing web interface for quiz creation, it will further increase user engagement. Another future milestone is to expand the platform functionality to AI-generated quizzes.

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