Kosmo: Dating App With a Star Twist


Kosmo is a mobile dating app designed to help users find their potential partners using astrology. The app allows users to like and super-like profiles, create matches, and engage in group and private chats on various topics like sports, yoga, reading, religion, and much more. The project goal was to create a dating app with a star twist — the matching is done based on users' zodiac signs.


Backend:Nest.js (TypeScript), PostgreSQL, Redis, S3 (AWS/MinIO), Message Broker (Redis/RabbitMQ), DigitalOcean, POEditor
Mobile:Flutter, Mixpanel, Firebase

Our role and company services

UI/UX Design, Cross-platform Development, Backend, Frontend, DevOps, QA, Support

The challenge

The client came to us with an intriguing idea to create a dating app integrating astrology to help people worldwide create meaningful connections. The goal was to introduce a unique twist to traditional dating platforms concept by incorporating zodiac signs to enhance matchmaking. Another objective was to combine it with a modern and compelling interface.

Project management

The team was formed from within the company, so we didn't need to hire anyone new. The project followed the Scrum methodology with its share of challenges, especially when the team changed or the client wasn't available.

The initial concept was to blend traditional dating features with astrology elements, targeting the US, Europe, and South America. As we worked on the project, we improved the user experience by adding features like Guru and user verification. However, we couldn't implement these features due to a limited budget.

The Rocketech team:

  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Flutter Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • UI/UX Designer


For the MVP version, we build the product's core functionality. Users can swipe profiles, find matches based on their zodiac signs, see who likes them, and engage in public and private chats.

User roles

  • App user: Main user of the mobile application, 18+.
  • Admin: Moderates the system and handles user lists and complaints.

Admin panel functionality

  • Content control: Keep the content shared by other users in check by removing any inappropriate photos.
  • Manage user behavior: Block individuals who violate community guidelines, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.
  • Review reported users: Take appropriate actions to maintain a positive and respectful community atmosphere.

Core features

  • Swipe profiles: Easily browse through profiles and express interest.
  • Zodiac compatibility: Read zodiac compatibility and find potential matches based on the star sign.
  • Chat functionality: Initiate conversations and connect with others anywhere in the world, as chat content is automatically translated to the app's language from any other language.
  • Likes: Express interest in profiles.
  • Discovery: Find users based on different parameters and settings.

App monetization: subscriptions

From the MVP version, the app offered its first users three types of subscriptions. It simultaneously paved the monetization methods and opened the ways to test the business hypothesis and verify if people are ready to pay for the product and its offering.
  • Guest: Basic features with limitations, no free SuperLikes (guest users can buy SuperLikes without a subscription and find new connections in public chats based on user interests).
  • Basic: Additional features with unlimited messaging and likes, 5 free SuperLikes.
  • Premium: Full access to features with unlimited likes and SuperLikes, messaging, and profile boost — a specific frame different from users with basic subscriptions.


Like any other software development project, Kosmo faced a few challenges. They, however, didn't affect the outcomes more than predicted, and we successfully found ways to solve them all.
  • Subscription implementation required additional time and effort.
  • Initial plans to release through Rocketech's account were revised; the transition required extra resources.
  • Some system components, like chat infrastructure, required re-estimation post-discovery phase.


I'm satisfied with Rocketech's work quality. We work closely with the team in the development, providing feedback and the required guidelines. Rocketech has delivered a good-quality outcome, and the entire team does a great job.

Arturo Martinez
CEO, Kosmo



downloads in the first
2 weeks after launch


conversion on Google Play


features per sprint


user story points


change requests
Admin panel


The MVP launch of our product marked the beginning of an ongoing testing and refinement process. We've made numerous significant changes to the UI and UX based on real-user feedback, demonstrating our commitment to user-centric design. Key enhancements include distinguishing read and unread messages, optimizing birth year selection logic, adding animations to the compatibility icon, revamping search functionality, and redesigning the login page, splash screen, and subscription page with improved colors and text. These iterative improvements have led to a remarkable increase in conversion rates on Google Play — our user-driven approach paid off right away.
Together with the client, we created a modern global dating app launched on time and within the budget.
Despite the challenges of transferring the product to the client's Apple and Google accounts, the stakeholders received a test-ready version in the shortest possible time.
The app supports English and Spanish in the MVP version and has the architecture ready to expand to multiple languages in the future.
ChatGPT integration allows users to translate their chats in any language in real time.
We created a visually appealing landing page telling people about the app's benefits and complementing the client's marketing strategy.

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