How We Created a Marketplace for Coworking Space Rentals


FlyDesk is Airbnb for coworking spaces. It's a cross-platform network with smart infrastructure that brings together individuals, teams, and workspace providers, allowing them to find an optimal temporary office globally on safe and simple terms.

Tech stack

ReactNative, ReactNative Reanimated, Node.js, Redux, GraphQL, TypeScript, Nest.js, GraphQL, Mysql, WordPress

Our role

UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Backend, QA, Support

The challenge

A Hong Kong-based product owner reached us with a request to create a mobile app to complement the existing web version of the product — Essentially, it was a map of coworking spaces where users could find places to work nearby.

The application had to solve more tasks related to finding a temporary office, such as time tracking, interacting with team members, analytics, etc.

We were up to not only make a mobile version of the product but also sync the existing WordPress-based web version with the app's backend.

The solution

We have designed UX, UI, and the app's logic. The FlyDesk app was to expand the web service's capabilities and make the process of finding coworking spaces more convenient.


Google Maps integration: users can see all coworking spaces available in the search area.
In the future, we plan to switch from Google Maps to Mapbox to provide even wider geographic coverage.


In-app booking, enquiry, and payment functionality.
Check-in from the app.
Two search modes: book a desk or a meeting room.
Filtering by tags.
Time tracker: users can note working hours and easily monitor occupation.
NFC scanner for automated location tracking.
Custom locations allowing users to add, check-in, and track time from their home or office.
Authorization with AppleID, Facebook, Google, Office365, LinkedIn, or email.

Social mechanics

Full analytics displayed in the dashboard: when, where, and how many hours a person or a team worked per day, week, or selected period.
Easy role management: the admin can assign roles to other team members and edit information in the dashboard.
Team mode allowing users to create teams, invite people, and add team office. This is a great solution for startups with a small office that can't accommodate all team members at once. They can look up available desks and evenly manage the facility's occupancy.
User profile with history and analytics.


We helped the owner develop an MVP that allows established businesses and startups to discover workspaces during the COVID-19 pandemic and after it.
FlyDesk not only searches for coworking spaces but also helps manage the workflow: track time, record stats, etc.
Integration with Google Maps allowed us to solve performance issues and eliminate bugs at the initial stage of development.
Successful integration with the existing web version of the product.
577 offers in 26 countries, including 44 partners.
The app is compatible with all types of iOS and Android smartphones.
Partnership with the world's leading coworking space providers, such as WeWork, Native Union, The Executive Center, The Hive, The Work Project, etc.

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