Creative Way to Start Your Day With Alertly Smart Alarm Clock


Alertly is an intuitive and user-friendly alarm clock with several creative options to have a pleasant way to start a day. This iOS application gives the user a whole new waking-up experience. Easily customizable, it makes sure you don't sleep through the alarm.

Tech stack

Software:XCode 12.5.1
Project architecture:MVVM
Code:Swift, RXSwift, RXGesture, RXCocoa, UIKit, SnapKit, QuartzCore, MessageUI, AVFoundation, PackageDescription

Our role

UI/UX Design, Mobile Development

The challenge

The Client wanted to build a smart alarm clock with several creative options to dismiss the alarm. The idea was to have an alarm that would not stop until the user solves a puzzle correctly.

Our team's main challenge was to find a way to bypass iOS blocking the app launching the alarm from external software.

The solution

We created a customizable smart alarm clock with imaginative ways to wake up. It's much more than just default device options that users can deactivate in one touch. The app helps users kickstart their brains, manage multiple alarms, and keep a dream journal.
Smart alarm clock
With Alertly, users can set multiple alarms, easily manage them, and schedule repeating alarms. The application has five default ringtones. All ringtones are melodic and smooth so that users don't get irritated or stressed while solving the puzzles.
Creative ways to stop the alarm
Users can choose from several options to dismiss the alarm: solving a math problem, shaking the device, memorizing block patterns. A little brainstorming helps users wake up smoothly and naturally. They no longer need to worry about falling back asleep — the alarm won't stop until the puzzle is solved.
Dream journal
There's an option for those who keep a dream journal to make an entry right upon dismissing the alarm. The app allows users to make notes and organize them in the form of a list. The notes are easy to manage and get back to at any time.
Customizable background
Users can choose the background from several default options or set any picture from the Gallery. Besides, the app has a dark and a light mode for a better eye-comfort experience. It's easy to personalize the app depending on the time of day, a day of the week, or the user's mood.

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The Rocketech team built a user-friendly smart alarm clock with different creative ways to dismiss the alarm. The app provides a refreshing and easily customizable waking-up experience and ensures users don't fall back asleep.
Innovative notification system
We found a way to overcome the challenge of iOS blocking the alarm launch by introducing a complex notifications system. This way, users get notified at the time set for the alarm and get redirected to the app, where they have to solve the tasks to dismiss the alarm.
Several options of dismissing the alarm
We developed different ways to stop the alarm. Math problems and memorizing block patterns have three difficulty levels. Users can have simple tasks to have an easy and pleasant start of the day or opt for more challenging tasks to make sure they wake up quickly.
Full functionality offline
The solution doesn't require an Internet connection to be fully operational. Users are no longer dependent on unstable Wi-Fi providers and can be sure that their alarm will go off under any circumstances and in any location.

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