Rocketech team members: iOS developer Ruslan

23 April 2021


Software Development Company

We want to tell you more about Rocketech team members, their experience and what do they love about their job.

Ruslan is an iOS developer with more than 11 years of experience.
He considers coding as creative work. Ruslan compares the development environment and programming language to canvas, paints, and brushes.

– How have you started your career?

11 years ago iPhones were not so popular in our country. But after university graduation, I found an iOS developer internship and decided to try.

– How long have you been working at Rocketech?

Since autumn 2018. The team was way smaller but the core principles and advantages remain the same: informal friendly atmosphere, no bureaucracy, flexible schedule.

– What are the advantages of remote work for you?

Ruslan: The best part is that I can choose a location for work depending on my mood and plans. I can work in a cafe or stay at home and don’t spend time getting to the office.

– Why do you like coding?

Ruslan: You won’t believe but I like bug fixing. Sometimes it seems like you’re a detective!

– What are the challenges of your job? What is the project you’re currently working on?

Ruslan: Naming variables, methods, and classes:) I’m developing a Notes app with many additional features you haven’t seen in similar apps.

We believe that you can find a soulmate in your team. So despite working remotely we are happy to get to know each other more!

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