Doctor App Development Features and Why It Is So Popular

21 April 2021

Jason Bright


Medicine, like most other fields, has undergone a rapid transformation, due to advancements in technology. The usage of mobile medical applications has increased worldwide. A large number of people are relying on them for everything from medical treatments to general health and well-being. Therefore doctor mobile application development is one of the significant application demands when we consider today’s situation. You can book an appointment through the app. In this way, you can save time but also can reduce your mental stress. When your family member is ill and if the individual has to wait for a longer period of time with the illness in the hospital it’s definitely going to be a bad experience.

Doctors are also rapidly changing the way they offer treatment with more and more hospitals hiring mobile app development companies for health apps. Doctor apps are not just about convenience. Thanks to this mobile application development, the satisfaction rate is higher than ever, reaching around 85% on average in the healthcare industry. These mobile apps help to simplify the interaction between patients and doctors, making the whole medical process easier.

Advantages of Doctor App Development

We all know that hospitals and healthcare workers worldwide are making valiant efforts to save lives during the pandemic. But COVID-19 is still spreading fast. There is no rest for doctors or nurses at the front-line fighting endlessly. As coronavirus affects the healthcare industry, maintaining social distancing is our only way to ease the burden on the hospitals.

Doctor apps help patients to connect with doctors easing the burden on healthcare workers. These mobile apps offer 24×7 virtual help to patients by connecting them to certified doctors through call, text, or video call. Due to this type of software development, doctors can learn about their patient’s symptoms and provide a digital prescription (if required). By holding such mobile application development, the mobile health industry is expected to reach almost $60 billion this year, according to Statista. There are many advantages associated with healthcare mobile application development, especially during this crisis. Let’s take a look at some advantages of custom mobile application development for the medical field.

Delivering Patient Care at Home

Today doctor apps are considered a blessing for doctors and other healthcare workers. The doctor app updates doctors about the symptoms and ailing health conditions of the patient. These apps can be designed to measure ailing symptoms and create a report. The doctor may take apt decisions following the report, even giving prescriptions that could be attained through the app. In a recent survey, it was found that 92% of doctors favored healthcare apps to improve patients’ health while 40% believe they could reduce clinic visits.

The Rise of New Business Models and Opportunities

It’s not that the doctor apps showed their main emphasis on doctors and patients, but they gave new business models and opportunities. The healthcare staff no longer uses old practices, but instead mobile apps for making referrals. 

This is essentially a referral management system based on the cloud. Doctors can also write resourceful referrals, which in turn affect medical organizations to digitally promote themselves through the upsurge in patient information. These days the medical field’s exposure has extended and become much diversified by leaps and bounds. Many people download healthcare apps for multiple purposes such as women’s health and pregnancy care, elderly healthcare, etc. which opens up new vibrant opportunities in the process.

Timely Care Even at Remote Locations

Rural areas or remote locations with limited medical facilities nearby could get benefits from doctor apps. These areas can avail of timely care with the use of mobile apps. By making video calls with doctors giving prescriptions (if any) digitally, the majority of residents at faraway locations could get better care without having to travel to a hospital. In this way, regular clinic visits could be collectively reduced as doctors monitor their patients’ health through the mobile app. Also, users can get essential health tips through push notifications.

Creates New Vibrant Opportunities

 From the adoption of advanced technologies to an increased focus on patient-centric healthcare delivery, many key factors are expected to drive growth opportunities in healthcare mobile application development. Several categories of doctor apps such as pregnancy care and women’s health are showing more downloads and have created new vibrant opportunities in mobile application development. If you are interested in doctor on-demand mobile app development you can connect with a renowned mobile app development company.

Key Features of an Effective Doctor App Development

There are many features that are needed to develop a proficient on-demand doctor mobile application. A Doctor App should have all the important features and functionalities so that patients can easily connect with their doctors using it. Also, any doctor app should be user-friendly. Since these apps have to store a lot of patient information, they must be designed with the best data security features.

Creating the Login Page and User Profile

The development of a doctor mobile app should begin with building the login page and user profile. On this page, users can add their details which include their name, age, sex, and contact details. Also, you can tell the user to provide fundamental details in relation to their health which can comprise weight, height, details of common diseases like diabetes, or specific problems like high or low blood pressure. All these details will act as a unique medical chart of the patient.


This feature is considered second on the list of most important features in a doctor app. The ability of any doctor app to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments is vital for effective communication between doctors and patients. Today this amazing feature is present in the best doctor apps. Due to busy routine scheduling through a mobile app is convenient, happens in real-time, and automatically sends notifications.

Building Doctor Profile

The next important feature of this software development is to build the doctor and their staff profile. It includes the name of the doctor, and the area of his specialization (like a cardiologist or a physician). In Other details, it should comprise the clinic or hospital location, and the particular days and timings they are available. The years of practice, details of medical degrees, and qualification adds significance to the profile.

Patient Profiles

For the patient profiles, the doctor app should include such things as personal information so that doctors can familiarize themselves with a case history if they are about to check the patient for the first time. Relative document uploading and scanning capabilities would undoubtedly come in handy in such apps.


The most important feature in any doctor’s mobile app development is monitoring the patient’s vital signs. It should include blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar levels, pulse, calorie intake, etc.

Two-Way Doctor-Patient Communication

Affective doctor-patient communication is important for patient satisfaction and treatment efficiency. Remote communication makes a great feature for a reliable doctor app. Patients can get feedback from their doctors and know their treatment and medication adherence progress. It is also a well-known fact that, for many patients, mobile technology is hard to get used to, while the direct connection with a doctor or other medical professional in such an app helps make the mobile experience more natural.

Payment and Feedback

Payment is another important feature of healthcare software development. The app must be integrated with the necessary payment methods so that the user doesn’t face any problems while making online payments. Secure and safety factors must be included so as to protect against patient data leakage. Feedback features can help the app users to rate the app and service accordingly.


Notifications are considered as of the best capabilities in any mobile app development. Both doctors and patients can benefit from notifications. Doctors can get notifications about appointments and changes in their schedules. On the other hand, patients can be reminded to take medicine, go to the hospital, get a medical procedure, or refill their prescriptions.

Offline Access

Uninterrupted internet access is important when it comes to the healthcare experience. As doctors have to face emergency cases on a daily basis, lives shouldn’t depend on the quality of the Internet connection. This is why offline access is a crucial feature for many medical apps for doctors. And this is why mobile app development companies have to ensure all critical health data stored within the app has an offline backup in case of a power outage or any other problem.

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