How We Gave a New Feel to Corporate Agency With Brand New Digital Face


Biella is a corporate accessory company that creates unique stylized gifts for businesses for more than 8 years. We built a modern website that reflected the company's values and aesthetics and decided to choose a design-driven development approach.

Tech stack

WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, Bitrix, Readymag

Our role

Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Admin Panel, Support, CRM

The challenge

The company has first created its style 7 years ago, and when they came to us in 2018, that identity was outdated. The company asked Rocketech to fully redesign the brand's style and technology — from Biella's logotype to its website.

The commercial director for the company came to us with a clear goal — the company wanted to create a digital platform for their brand that would correspond to their design standards and fall in line with deadline restrictions. The company was looking for a team with both design and development experience, capable of building a wholesome web sites.

Delivering the message

Biella is a modern design company that emphasizes to deliver stylish accessories to its clients.
We designed Biella's logotype and created an entirely new branding from scratch
UX/UI of the new website, conceptualized with regards to the new positioning and style
Custom fonts, colors, brand guidelines and identity
Performance, functionality testing, and deployment
Support and maintenance
Website development and layout
Now our team participates in other Biella's projects and help them grow their presence on the B2B market.

Custom fonts, colors, brand guidelines and identity

Overview of interface and functionality

Integrating analytics and feedback mechanisms

Rocketech connected Google Analytics and Online visitors tracking to the Landing Page and Main Website — now Biella team can keep track of the number of visitors, conversion rates, sales statistics, and get many other insights. Additionally, we integrated Bitrix — users can contact the team in a direct message box, and these requests will be automatically processed in Bitrix.

Content delivery

Although the website features a lot of text and images, we made sure that the page load speed corresponds to Google's standards — this is crucial for enabling smooth user experience and improving website's rankings in search engine results. All images and media files were compressed to achieve a faster loading speed.

Integrating Bitrix into the admin panel

Biella's admin should be capable of editing and adding content, managing feedback, communicating with clients, tracking leads and conversions, and integrate information about internal processes (product availability, delivery, team management, etc). To decrease the duration of the project and cut its cost, our team was looking for ready solutions for website's management.

Bitrix is a perfect tool for performing these operations: it allows managing internal processes, getting statistics on leads, conversions, and feedback, managing customer relationships, and planning the workflow. With that in mind, we integrated Bitrix into the website: admin panel has Bitrix's functionality and interface, but most importantly, Bitrix will be automatically updated whenever there was a new user interaction or website's update.


Our team performed user testing, performance testing, load testing to make sure that the website's functionality and interface work as intended. We cooperated with real users to understand their navigation logic and detect possible problematic areas. Our team members also actively participated in testing the website and recording use cases throughout their experience.

At the end, we made sure that the website can withstand significant user loads, made sure that user feedback is delivered to corporate mailboxes, and checked the quality of integrated third-party tools. When our team made sure that all frontend and backend is error-free, the website was submitted for the final client's evaluation.

Creating a mobile version

After design and functionality of the desktop web version were approved, our designers created a mobile version of Biella's site. The website can be viewed from any mobile browser — users can view images, videos, text, leave messages via a feedback form, browse clients and company's work.

Building a website and its mobile version

Rocketech's designers and developers took the full responsibility for the project on each of its stages. We helped Biella to refine the vision of the final website, analyzed target audience and user personas, created an intuitive User Experience and User Interface, built the functionality, and set up the website's hosting. Additionally, we tested its performance and interface before the release, checked web page load speed, and developed a responsive mobile version.

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Additional landing page

Our team wanted to speed up the release, so we've proposed to develop a corporate Landing Page — a web page that would feature only the main information about the company , assure visitors in Biella's expertise, and encourage them to contact the company.
For this, we picked a neutral design theme: a combination of a classical white background. As for page structure, we opted for combination of images and text descriptions, separate panels to showcase client and company's work, and a responsive feedback form.

Only the main information about the company, quickly and clearly.


Can you share any information that demonstrates the impact that this project has had on your business?

With the help of Rocketech, we've completely transformed our business model. Now, we're able to quickly respond to inquiries, allocate more time to tasks, test new tools, expand our functionality, and reach new customers. The website also includes different elements that reflect our company's personality. I'm truly grateful for their help, and I see this partnership lasting far into the future.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?

Admittedly, we're a bit difficult to work with because our business is complex. With that said, Rocketech takes the time to listen and understand our needs.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I really appreciate their attitude and work ethic.

Marina Borisova
Commercial Director, Ltd Biella


The style and design direction of the company for years continues to be modern and relevant.
The company based their long-term IT strategy on our website and Landing Page.
The web page, created by Rocketech, drastically improved the company's business processes and strengthened customer relationships.
After website development, the company won international awards.


Increased the efficiency of lead generation up to 60%.

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