How We Built An
Award-Winning Learning Management Platform


A Learning Management Platform (LMS) platform for parents who want to implement innovative teaching methods into their kids’ learning curve. The platform connects parents to learning experts and provides accessible consults all over the world. The website combines the functionality of a social media and marketplace, serving as a ground for communication, blogging, and service exchange.

Tech stack

ReactJS, Swift, NodeJS, WebRTC

Our Role

UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Development, Support


The client came to with an MVP, giving us an idea of the essential functionality and core design vision. The team wanted to test the business model and deliver the maximal value to end users. The first stage of the cooperation was focused on developing and testing a minimum viable product.

After the first version was released to the market, our team collected feedback and prepared new iterations of the platform, with improved functionality and interface. This time, our priority was to make sure that the platform can handle the workload, because the solution was scaling rapidly.

Stage 1

Our team built an MVP for Baby Step - we designed the essential interface of the platform and executed the key functionality.

This MVP clearly demonstrated the purpose of the web application, which was connecting parents to learning experts for educational consults. This first version underwent thorough testing and Quality Assurance, and was released to the market.

Babystep screen one
Babystep screen two

Stage 2

Our team combined React JS technology and RTC library on a web LMS. The web learning system allows making audio and video calls, manage personal schedules, make payments, and connect social media accounts.

We combined approaches from mobile and web development to build a responsive platform that combines features of a management software (users can keep track of their activity, get reports, update schedules, and participate in community discussions) and messages functionality (audio and video calls directly from a browser.

Babystep screen one
Babystep screen two
Babystep screen two

Overview of interface and functionality

Booking a call

Users can request calls by contacting an education expert in their area or in remote locations. The professional puts a minute rate for the consultation and the price is calculated automatically during the call. Each call request includes a cover letter where parents talk about their needs, goals, describe their kids and their current learning methods.


The application supports Paypal and credit card transferers. The payment has to be complete in order to send a request.

Time management

Both parents and experts can specify their preferred timing for consults. The application supports various time zones and automatically synchronizes users that are located in different zones by converting their time.

Babystep screen one
Babystep screen two
Babystep screen two

User community


All discussions and requests are divided by topics (parenting strategies, discipline, positive motivation, love and logic, and others). For each topic, parents see the list of top experts in the niche and can reach out to them.

Consultation schedules

Users have personal profiles with real-time schedules. As soon as a new consultation was approved, the schedule will synchronize timing, request details, profiles of involved users, and send alerts.

Social media

Parents and experts can connect their social media account to provide higher visibility of their expertise in learning and build deeper connections with other members.



Experts receive full description of all conducted consults, their duration, and cost. They know how much they receive in a certain period of time and can manage their financial activity.

Babystep fee

The app team receives a fee from each consult. The amount is calculated real-time and user can get a status update on current fee size anytime.


Structuring calls

Users can see how many consults that’ve had in a certain period of time and divide them by status: Active, Upcoming, Failed, Archived.


The consultation can be cancelled if one of participants leaves a request. Another member gets notified right away with the cause of the cancellation.


The application sends an alert whenever there is a new consult request, cancellation, or if it’s time for the consult.

Babystep screen one
Babystep screen two
Babystep screen two


Our team performed performance testing and implemented UI/UX, along with interface testing. Additionally, we carried out load testing, making sure that the platform can process up to 10 000 requests.



10+ third-party services were integrated into the original functionality

10 000requests

The platform can process up to 10 000 requests in the same time


100+ reviews were analyzed by our team and used to improve further iterations


The final product was delivered 15 days before the deadline


Taking this opportunity I would like to thank the employees of the company Rocketech for the high quality of work, efficiency and timely assistance in solving urgent issues in the development and implementation of the frontend for the service

Team Rocketech quickly and efficiently developed the frontend for the service who provides online advice for parents from the best specialists in education, pedagogy, speech therapy, etc. For us was important the professional approach of the company Rocketech to the performance of their duties.

I hope for further long-term and equally fruitful collaboration in the future.

Ainar Abdrakhmanov

CEO & Founder, Babystep TV


Over the course of development, our team adapted to user feedback and market trends. At the initial stages, BabyStep was conceptualized and executed as a web system. After the MVP was released and users presented feedback, we redesigned the solution and released the new version.

The LMS was rapidly growing, and in 6 months, it was apparent that target audience is interested in a mobile application. Our team dynamically adapted to new demands and supplied the client with mobile app developers. Because the team was managing the project from its early stages, we were able to reuse a lot of code on each of these stages, saving a lot of time and money in the process.

Our developers joined the Babystep’s in-house team in a long-term partnership

The application was recognized as
The Best Socially Responsible Startup
of 2016 by GMIC


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If you’d like to get in touch with us you can email us at, call us on +65 31593765, send us a message via our online form, or get answers in real time by simple briefing @RocketechHelloBot

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